I need help with Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound, centre speaker problem

by Grifterke. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    0    3

I need help with Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound.

I use a optical cable. The same one I used with my 360 in the past and my ps4. Recently I bought a xbox one x (cyberpunk edition) Really like it but I have one major problem and a small one. Small problem. Is it normal when you restart when you have the green xbox logo it takes pretty long to boot? Not if I use sleep mode

But then a weird problem. I use a optical cable and I also connect my ps4 on the xbox. But I noticed when playing the last of us that I did not have real surround even my yamaha system was showing Dolby Digital signal. Yet the sound did not come from my central speaker like when you shoot of talk. At first I thought it was cause I was connecting the ps4 that this was the issue. Cause when I use my guide menu or the main menu of the xbox system. Then 5.1 does work. But in all my games it doesn't. It is like it runs in stereo. Even though you see the signal is dolby digital...

It is not the system since my Yamaha does work with the ps4 and even the x360

Am I missing something? I tried DTS and Dolby both show the signal and have 5.1 support in the menus of my xbox. But when I boot a game with gamepass or with my ps4 it states dolby. But it gives stereo...

Please help.


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so no one has a clue? Damn, i feared for that

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Hi, I'm not sure I'm understanding, but for your simple problem, the Xbox One has two basic power settings: Instant On (which is like sleep/hibernate on a PC, where if you turn it off, it goes to sleep, and when you turn it back on, it should come up quickly. If you turn Instant On off, then when you turn the Xbox off, when you turn it back on, it has to completely restart, so it takes a long time to boot. If you restart - e.g from the controller menu - then essentially you're rebooting, so also it can take a long time - like rebooting a PC.

As for the center channel, are you connecting your PS4 into the HDMI in on the Xbox One? You mentioned problems with The Last Of Us, so I'm assuming you're trying to run the PS4 through the Xbox One. The HDMI in, as far as I understand it, is designed to accept Dolby Digital 5.1 input or stereo PCM, so input/output settings among devices will come into play.

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Thank you for replying. Yes that is one of the problems. But now I just connect my optical cable to the ps4. So that works. But now I also have that issue with every (gamepass) game I play.
When I connect the optical cable with the xbox it sends a digital signal (the receiver states a dolby digital signal. Yet with al the games i boot it seems to go into some kind of PCM stereo. And I tried to use the hdmi of the xbox and then the optical cable to my TV. That works. It also gives me the centre sound channel. But my Samsung TV is causing a small sound delay. Even when I set it at 0.
So I would like to fins out why the optical cable us giving me this problem. On my yamaha surround set and as well on my surround headset also using the optical cable. Also tried another cable same result. I just do not get it.
I'll just have this a few weeks. And I am nog sure I have this problem from the beginning. I somehow have the feeling it dit work right at the beginning. So I am stomped and not sure what to do. Call ms. But how do you explain a problem like this. Not like the have a surround set ready to plug and play and test it :p