I think Valve intentionally delays the Summer Event just so they could milk the f out of us all

by kawaii_nekomimi. Posted on Jul 14, 2020    29    8

BP Levels are harder to grind each year! Remember the time where we could get achievements just by opening a certain number of Immortal Treasures??!!! yEah, they dont!!!


forsakenhere 1

I will not forget valve's greed next year.

encQ 1

I am sure you will buy without remembering anything, so don't lie to yourself.

forsakenhere 1

Yes, I remembered Invoker persona.

encQ 1

So you learned that buying a "preorder" is not smart?

forsakenhere 1

You know how the Invoker and Tiny was. Who would have thought Am will be like this.

tiradium 1

RemindMe! One Year

Avar1cious 3

Umm yes, that's obvious - unironically too. Do you think Valve couldn't release everything in the battlepass pre-finished? Of course they can, they're spreading this shit out to maximize profits.

During any hype, each person has their own "spend cap" (ie: $100, $200, etc), spreading any "excitement" out stops the releases from obfuscating each other (+targets are likely to have next paycheck).

Of course the summer event has not been released, had it been released from the start, that's 1.5 months of additional levels (say you get 5 levels a week - that's 30 easy levels that you would've spent but didn't).

oldShamu 1

Pretty much. I’m no longer hyped for it at all. I got the initial +50 from the hype, then looked at how none of the Arcanas/personas were for support players. The fun voice lines are 200$+. Don’t need new terrain since I already have immortal gardens.

The immortals look too flash and don’t look interesting. Only a few sets on the cache look good. I haven’t touched it at all.