I wanna trade items from immortal treasure 2

by 44JAX44. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    0    5

I wanna trade troll's item from the immortal treasure 2 with the silencer shield but it can only be given as a gift and I have trust issues, I don't trust anyone to give them the gift and they'll gift me the other item in return so if you are willing to do the trade and send in the gift first lemme know.

I give troll Immortal I get silencer shield, I have two of troll's immortal I don't need them both anyways


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How did you get 2 trolls without silencer?


long story short, I had like 7 shields, gave my friend 1 as a gift and recycled the others, bloody game gifted him the one I got equipped, there was no bloody marker or anything

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You need to go to r/Trustissues forum with your problems


Very funny man, take that joke and try r/wannabecomedians