I want to buy a game steam code from a 3rd party retailer from US. I am in Canada.

by NinjaGamer4123. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    1    4

Will the steam code work with Steam Canada store? And also if i get dlc in future from Canada store, will it work with it since I bought it online from a US store?


-SammyP6- 1

ive never had issues with this, just make sure its a legit store, not a resellar

  NinjaGamer4123 1

Its from Newegg

-SammyP6- 1

should be fine, but you can try contacting there support to confirm

velocity37 3

Strictly speaking you cannot be certain unless the retailer specifies what regions the key is restricted to (if any).

Generally speaking most publishers group together the US and Canada together as North America so you should be fine, but you cannot be guaranteed unless the retailer specifies or you know the SubID of the key you are being distributed.

If the retailer doesn't specify region restrictions, you can look up the Subscriptions of that game on SteamDB. For example, Shadowrun Returns has 13 subs, 12 of which are keys. Of the 12, three of them have region restrictions and none of them allow the US but not Canada. So all US keys for that game would activate in Canada as well.