I wish there was a Steam Switch

by PatiHubi. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    3    10

I have a Switch but I tend to gravitate towards my PC and Steam because I like to hunt achievements. I wish I had a small, handheld console that was running steam games just like the Switch.


Slippysquidkid 1

Doesn’t Alienware have their switch thing? I think it’s called the ufo or something.

Traumwelt 1

You can use Steam Remote Play to stream your games on tablets.

demonlag 1

You're just asking for a tiny PC with a built in screen. Some people make them, but they tend to be expensive compared to just a gaming laptop.

Reddit5484 1

I have the GPD Win 2.. it is my portable Steam gaming device.

WaxingJumpdrive 3

I guess Valve could theoretically release a Steam Link app for Switch. Steam already supports the Switch Pro controller, so it probably wouldn't be too big a leap for them to also support the JoyCons.

I guess the two biggest questions are whether or not there's a big enough crossover audience for Valve to bother and whether or not it's something Nintendo would allow.

DaEnderAssassin 1

Nintendo ages ago: "We wont ever let flith like this on our systems" (to US government refering to Nightrap)

Nintendo now: "Nightrap coming to switch!"

Oh and the whole borderline hentai stuff they have (and minecraft because its "not a kid friendly game" (Sony about PS4 crossplay in minecraft))

WaxingJumpdrive 1

Honestly, all of the hentai stuff on Steam slipped my mind when I made that comment. I was mostly thinking Nintendo simply might not want people playing non-Switch games on the Switch.

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Azure_Fang 3

No, it's not. It repurposes some Android components, but it is itself a different architecture.

But you're not wrong about using a tablet. Bonus points for linking JoyCons as a controller for said tablet.



Azure_Fang 2

Being able to run Android =/= being an Android device. The default OS is by and far not Android, and installing Android on a Switch requires (unless I'm out of the loop) a Linux bridge (as part of the bootloader or ROM itself) and code execution exploitation.

I can run Android on my PC. That does not make my PC an Android device.



Azure_Fang 2

I did. No, it's not. It's a closed source derivative of BSD, part of the Unix family. Android is a Linux derivative, which is referred to as a "unix-like" but is not Unix or a derivative thereof.