Idea for series x (s)

by whativebeenhiding. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    0    4

How cool would it be if you could use an old Xbox one to stream games from the series to a different room?

For example, I have two xb1s. I buy a series x put it in my living room and then move my old ones to bedrooms. I only have to buy one box and then can reuse my old equipment almost like a Chromecast type device to play on the other rooms.



shuozhe 1

Would be nice, alternatively you can get one of the pc on a stick and stream via Xbox companion app.

I think it’s part of to be released xcloud, but not sure if it’s available on the consoles itself.

Minelinker89 2

Firestick or Android Box for streaming is dirt cheap.


I've done it. It sucked. Tried wired and wireless. Those just aren't powerful enough to keep up.

M1ke2345 1

You’d need a well specc’d Android box, most of these cheap Chinese boxes aren’t capable.

An Nvidia Shield is what you need.