Idea: Region based MMR

by Dotaproffessional. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    0    8

When people describe "the meta", they usually fail to mention that there are DIFFERENT metas. For example, its common knowledge that in asian countries (especially china and south korea), micromanagement heroes are WAY more popular (likely due to the prevalence of titles like star craft in those regions). The point is, what is considered "top tier" in one region may not translate well in other regions.

Routinely, as someone who plays U.S. East, I get occasionally matched with entirely spanish speaking teams. It is often the case I'll be the only person of 9 people matched who speaks english.

Despite the fact that we're still around the same mmr, k mmr in my region doesn't exactly translate to k mmr in another.

Like I'll put it this way, in games where i'm placed with people in my own region, I'm statistically in the middle of my teams skill level. Sometimes i'm the best, sometimes the worst, usually the middle. Dota has decent mmr.

I'll give some numbers to highlight what i mean. Say i'm about a 4k mmr in american servers. But in spanish speaking games, i'd be closer to 8 or 9k. They don't translate well.

Or if a 10k player from south america plays in U.S. east, they'd comparitavely be closer to 1-2k. You know?

can we do mmr based on regions? Would that be technically feasible?


Lazuli1884 1

Yeah, no, this is nonsense, sorry man

  Dotaproffessional 1

Which part? Do you deny the possibility that different regions have different play-styles?

1mKayaYashaSange 1

whatever you are smoking you are not good at this game

  Dotaproffessional 1

the mmr's were arbitrary for the sake of comparison. I am not 7k mmr. I used exaggerated numbers to exaggerate a somewhat abstract concept.