If having artwork showcase of other people's work is illegal, why are there people that have artwork showcase of an art that doesn't belong to them?

by Trapsarenotgay6900. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    0    5

am i understanding something wrong? i'd like some explanation


CrimsonPermAssurance 1

What comes to mind is that there are a fair few Steam users who actually make and sell art work. Many of them have fairly generic templates they use that they will customize or tweak. Although for ones that are more custom or complex there is usually some sort of arrangement where the buyer has to list credit to the creator. I've made a few of my own and a handful for others. They are usually so strangely specific to the person I made them for that it would be weird for someone else to try and use it.

the19SOUL 1

Is it still illegal if you put in the description of the artwork, "the credits are to the owners" or just ctto??

  Trapsarenotgay6900 1

that's what i've been wondering aswell

Neeralazra 3

To put the blame on user if it ever was reported by the actual artistband not Valve allowing stolen content

  Trapsarenotgay6900 1

I see, so if i were to showcase a stolen art, i would be fine except only if the artist reports