I'm a dad, I work two jobs and haven't had time to play a game in years. My friend bought me an Xbox one to return a favor and this is the first weekend I have nothing to do in months. I'm wondering what game you would all recommend spending a weekend playing? Ideally not costing $60.

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Games I enjoyed as a kid for reference: Crash Bandicoot, Mario Party (N64), Super Smash Bros (N64), Grand Theft Auto, FIFA, Mario Kart (N64), some 007 games, ATV Off-road Fury, NFL Blitz, Hitman, Lego Island (PC), Age of Empires (PC) was probably my favorite.

Edit: noted, I should get game pass. Which game should I spend 48 hours playing though?



It’s an FPS/ technical mmorpg. I play the game quite a bit on the Xbox platform so I cold help you .


There’s a Crash Bandicoot Trilogy

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Its hard as fuck tho


Get the game pass ultimate ! It comes with game pass

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What's the difference between Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate?

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  • Xbox Live Gold: Enables online gaming features.
  • Game Pass: Enables access to a whole library of games.
  • Game Pass Ultimate: Xbox Live Gold + Game Pass
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Thank you! Clarity achieved.


If you do not care about team licenses , you may get PES2020 for very cheap. It’s way better than FIFA and lots of fun, but’s re-playable.

There’s a nice billiard pool game which I don’t remember it’s name that is very cheap and relaxing.

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I've always wondered about PES. Maybe I'll finally check it out.

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Fútbol fan here and long time FIFA buyer till 2016. Once you play PES you won’t go back to FIFA :)

Give it a try , is a fun game 👍

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Agree, PES is sooo much better.

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Oh for the love of Xbox please get xbox game pass, so many games at your fingertips and such a small price to pay

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Get gamepass and try Dishonored 2. Also the Halo franchise if possible.

Dishonored 1 was in my opinion the best game period. But Dishonored 2 follows shortly after Dishonored 1 and both a stealth action games that much like hitman let you choose how to eliminate you opponents with multiple end game endings. You get given a power and get to upgrade the power or obtain new ones as you proceed and find new bone charms.

Halo is considered the rival of Cod and where T-bagging probably began also far better story than cod offered if your into a super soldier created by humans to fight the covenant which are a alien race that sort of enslave other alien races and make them fight the humans to gain control of the Halo rings that were once used to eliminate all living life in the universe. As you proceed on John aka Mastercheifs story and his sidekick cortana who sort of becomes the reason he still lives fight and experience major story breakpoints you need to experience to understand.

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I like the sound of Dishonored!

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Really fun with the two options of never being seen and not eliminating anyone or both if you ballsy enough. Dishonored 2 is slightly harder than 1 since guards notice if another guard isn't walking their rounds.

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The Messenger

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State of Decay 2 is on Gamepass. It’s a coop zombie RPG survival. Lots of fun. You survive with a group of people and scavenge to build your base

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This is your first time getting an Xbox,right? So you've never tried the gamepass before? If you've haven't I'll give you a code for it

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No but people are telling me to get ultimate so I'll probably go for that I guess?

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Check your DM. I sent you something

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I don't see anything?

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Check your chat?

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Ahhh got it. I'm on a mobile app. Let me grab my laptop

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Fellow Dad here! Minecraft Dungeons is VERY accessible to a new gamer (and you can play with your 7+ year old kids!). Overwatch is another one to pick up because it feels relatively simple, but offers a lot of depth and replayability. BUT If you haven’t played anything in a very long time, first person shooter controls may be super difficult to get the hang of for a while, and the depth and complexity will feel like going to university. That said, I love Destiny 2, No Mans Sky, and Rocket League. All of those would be worth picking up.

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Somebody else said Destiny 2 and rocket league looks fun as hell.

Noted on Minecraft for the kids too!

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>Noted on Minecraft for the kids too!

Keep in mind, Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons are two separate games.

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What's the main difference?

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Two completely different games and genres, but similar art style.

Minecraft is mainly a building/exploring/surviving first person game, with basically no story. Very creative and open-ended. Can be played with friends or solo, and has lots of servers which essentially are randomly generated worlds to inhabit and explore.

Minecraft Dungeons is a top-down dungeon crawler rpg. You can play with friends all on the same screen (or online) and you explore “dungeons” filled with bad guys and loot to upgrade your character.

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Rocket league has been my main game for 2 years tons of fun at low level and very in depth as you progress through the ranks (if competitive is your thing) even now with my 10 week old I play it quite a bit as you don't really need sound, I just jump in free play and smack the ball around or jump in casual matches

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And it's got a split screen mode if you want play with your kids, maybe turn off game chat as people can be toxic and you may not want your kids to see it

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Love playing Minecraft Dungeons with my daughters (8-9) It’s easy to get into and keeps them entertained.


Get gamepass, you will never buy a game again

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On it!

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Get gamepass for $1 for first month NOW!

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On it. But what games to play?

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“Journey to the Sabah Planet” is one I’m playing right now. And it’s awesomely weird

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ooooo I like weird. What's it like?

FlagBean 1

It’s like a cross of borderlands with the sarcastic characters. And then add no mans sky with the deserted planet exploration and alien creatures. But you only stay on one planet. It’s also an exploration game

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Hell yeah. This sounds great.

Aeone3 2

I would suggest Destiny 2. It’s actually free now

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I think I've heard of it. What type of game is it?

logangreer 1

First person shooter with lots of MMORPG elements in it. Very complex game but very fun too.

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First person shooter with role playing elements.

I suggest going with Game Pass and taking your time, seeing what you like.

Red dead redemption 2 is currently on there. As an older guy, I enjoyed the slower pace, interesting story, beautiful scenery, and all the little details/nuances that the game is littered with. It's like a really long movie where you play as an outlaw

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I'm a huge movie guy so this is a great pitch.

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Gamepass... red dead redemption 2, forza horizon 4

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These seem to be popular answers. Might have to give em a shot

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It doesn't real match your liked games criteria, but on Game Pass (which I see you might buy) there is Outer Wilds. It's an unbelievably amazing game that doesn't overwhelm you. One of the most relaxing (not you, dark bramble) gaming experiences I've ever had.

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I like the name. And the sound of it. I'll check this one out.

cousindeagle 3

As a dad, are you gonna play with your kids locally?

Otherwise, Id recommend Red Dead Redemption 2 to brush them cob webs off

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Not this weekend, but they'll be joining all other times I would imagine.

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“Minecraft” is also another great kid friendly game that’s on game pass

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Yup, already downloaded this one for the kids

logangreer 1

Depending on how old your kids are Halo Masterchief Collection offers split screen which could be fun, and Minecraft Dungeons seems specifically designed to allow kids to play. Also Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare is a fun split screen game with kids.

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Forza Horizon 4. Best arcade sim racing game of all time.

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Seconding. This is a no brainer especially for someone who has been out of the game for a while. Lots of options to try.