I'm about to buy my first Mobile Gamepad, but I have some questions

by Gilgamesh-KoH. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    0    8

I have never used any kind of gamepad for android, but I just got the idea to buy one. I have Samsung Galaxy A51 phone I just bought the other day.

So the questions: -How much it cost? I'm sure the price must be variable, but for start I would like to buy a cheap one. -How durable is a cheap one? Will it break after some week/month? -It supports any kind of mobile game as long as the game's control system is supported? -Is there something I should take into consideration when picking what kind to buy?



Before you buy a gamepad for mobile gaming use, you should understand that there are not so much games support gamepad.

So you need to use additional apps to accomplish gamepad control.

Some gamepad brands have their own apps to do this by VA. But it usually gets banned by games. So maybe you need sth like Panda Gamepad Pro and etc.

Intoxic8edOne 1

Keep in mind you can now stream Xbox/pc games to your phone. A gamepad opens up that aspect.

Touch_Fzzy_Get_Dzzy 1

Lol, what? Most of the best Android games support gamepads..

dySquare 1

That depends how you define "best Android games". The fact is there are 10M+ ppl using sth like Octopus to play mainstream mobile games without gamepad support.

Touch_Fzzy_Get_Dzzy 1

Fortnite, COD Mobile, Levelhead, Dead Cells, Neon Chrome, Riptide GP Renegade, Rush Rally 3, Oddmar, Horizon Chase Turbo, Grid Autosport, Thumper, Minecraft, Terraria, Beat Hazard 2, Stardew Valley, Inferno 2, Crazy Taxi, Sonic 1 and 2, Geometry Wars 3, Apple Knight, Beach Buggy Racing, Space Marshals, Brawlhalla, Tesla vs Lovecraft, Limbo, Oddworld New & Tasty, Suzy Cube, Reckless Racing, Implosion, DuckTales, etc.

That's how I define "best Android games". Literally the best Android games.


Honestly I would just save my money and buy $99 Android Bluetooth controller. I would use a xbox/ps4 controller for the meantime if you have one. Those cheap gamepads sesame to work pretty decent but the buttons are not that great.

Touch_Fzzy_Get_Dzzy 1

Get an Xbox One controller.

Cheapassdad 1

If you're willing to spend 60 bucks, the nvidia shield tv controllers are awesome.