I’m confused about the game offerings for Game Pass Ultimate vs Game Pass

by Rockerboy007. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    0    7

Hey everyone, I know there are other people that asked this question here, but I couldn’t get a clear answer for my question. Is the GPU same as GP in terms of the games they offer?

A few days ago I wanted to play gears 4 and 5, so I upgraded my pc to windows 10, and signed up for the regular game pass PC. I was going through the catalog, and realized it wasn’t giving me access to minecraft dungeon. So I cancelled the regular pass, and upgraded to GPU. I checked and it gave me access to minecraft dungeon. I was having some issues using my ps4/360 controllers with gears 4, so I ended up just buying an Xbox One yesterday (yay)! I have a friend who works for Microsoft and he can give me a good discount when I renew my membership (I used the $1 promo this time). Now my question is if I should get the GPU or GP.

Right now Fortnite is the only online game I play, and that’s on my ps4. I don’t need Xbox live or access to the pc because I already bought an Xbox one. If I were to get the regular game pass for X1, will it not let me play certain games that are only available for GPU (is that a thing?)? Or are the new games come out late on the regular game pass? Maybe the minecraft thing was just a glitch as the pc pass is in beta right now.

I would really appreciate your help, thanks!


Im2oldForthisShitt 1

Games are all the same. Only differences is GPU has some extra dlc on some games like Gears 5, and the fact that you also get PC game pass games.

Must have been a glitch.

Teamyuss 2

It's been answered here already, but if you want the info from Microsoft, go to this link, and scroll all the way to the bottom.

lockmasterg 2

Gamepass is xbox only games. Ultimate is xbox and pc games. Some are same . Some are different. But xbox games are same on both regardless.

KesMonkey 6

Not quite.

Game Pass for Xbox is for Xbox, but includes some Play Anywhere games that can also be played on PC.

Game Pass for PC is for PC, but includes some Play Anywhere games that can also be played on Xbox.

Game Pass Ultimate is both of these combined, plus Gold.


Doesn't ultimate also give you all the dlcs for Microsoft games? I noticed being able to download the ultimate edition for Forza with gamepass ultimate and then only seeing the standard edition available for download when I downgraded to regular gamepass.

Marsupilami_2020 2

>Doesn't ultimate also give you all the dlcs for Microsoft games?


Teamyuss 1

The confusing thing is that all these names start with ”Xbox”. It's ”Xbox Game Pass For PC” and ”Xbox Game Pass” and ”Xbox Games Pass Ultimate ”