Immortal 6,3k free coaching on live stream again!

by jvbernardyc. Posted on Oct 24, 2020    1

Hello guys. I have posted like two or three weeks ago about my project of free coaching people while live streamming on twitch. Today I will be live again (as I am doing almost all days) and anyone is welcome there, even people who don't wanna get coached and just wanna watch some chilling immortal 6,3k Dota gameplays (with didactics and also some feeds by me) or even chat a bit!

We are actually building a very interesting learning community there, a lot of people are frequently coming with replays for analysis while also participating and contributing in other people analysis. I’ve been getting really good feedback from people there saying they are actually improving a lot their gameplays.

So, just grab a snack, a drink, a replay and come chill while also discussing a bit about dota!