In need of help identifying a childhood board game

by stellarshadeofgreen. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    5    8

Delete if this is against the rules but I don't know where else to find this information. I've tried researching the internet but I can't find what I'm looking for. I was born in 1985. My parents had bought this dinosaur game for me and my sis to play when we were around 7(?) and I absolutely LOVED it. The pieces to move along the board were dinosaur footprints prints of different colors and I also remember cards to go along with the game. My sis and I played it weekly and I just really want to remember what that game is, please!


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I don't think this is the right one, but I was born in '82 and grew up playing Dinobones. It doesn't exactly meet your description of colored footprints and cards, but I figure it can't hurt to post it on the off chance.

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Have you tried r/tipofmytongue ?

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Unfortunately that's not it. The player pieces were actual dinosaur footprints

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This isn't it, but thank you for trying. I remember this game being more scientific/learning based about dinosaurs

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Yes! I’m about the same age as OP and I played this a lot too. Good memories.