In ranked roles, at the beginning of the match but after the horn, you can grief yourself by accidentally bringing up a menu to report someone just by right clicking the wrong part of the screen

by AbstrActivities. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    0    2

Underneath each hero's icon is a little button that pops up when you mouse over to report someone for not playing their role. This button shouldn't be activated with a right click. Right now, you can open it with either a right or a left click, and it should be left click only. It's only available in the beginning of the game, but it's especially problematic for dire offlane. When you have to back up quickly, you can accidentally click this drop-down and bring up a report menu instead of issuing a command to move back. I've given up first blood as a result of it, and it would be so easily fixable by just making it left click only.


Flashysz 1

Only thing i accidentaly click there is to set bounty on hero. I literally never mentioned to set a bounty, but all od them are used xd

marti32997 1

Surprising to hear this.

Personally, I've never accidentally clicked it