Is an Xbox One X worth it this late into the game?

by beep41. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    0    6

My OG Xbox One seems to have died on me today. I’ve exhausted all the fixes MS suggested to no avail. So now I’m in the market for a new Xbox.

I was originally going to pick up a One S, but I figured I might as well save a little extra money for the One X. I don’t own a 4K TV, and I probably won’t get one for a while. I’m also not planning to buy a Series X until around the first price drop (probably next year at least).

So, with all that in mind, is it still worth it to buy a One X, or should I just buy a One S and wait until I’m ready to buy the Series X eventually?


donteatsoap7 1

$300 on a used console that was someone else's problem OR $300 towards next gen. Hmmmm

unforgiven08 1

Not at all. I got one a few months ago since I don't plan on upgrading to new consoles for another year or so.

bomb447 1

I found my X on FB for $275 a few months ago. You can get them cheaper now. I sold my S to my brother for $100, but could've got more online.

I also didn't have a 4k tv but it made a huge difference on all my games. I mainly play Halo MCC, Forza, and Apex. Faster load times, better, more consistent frames, and the dashboard doesn't lag now. The fan isn't as loud either. You can also put things on it since the fan is on the back.

Halo feels like a different game, it's butter smooth. The S felt ok, but I'm used to playing games on PC and it was severely lacking. The X feels much better.

Mocti_54 1

Are you sure your Xbox is dead.

Mine stopped turning on last week, but all I had to do was to change the power supply ($35 USD on Amazon)

Now I'm able to stick to my OG plan. Keep playing on the OG Xbox One until the Series X launch

  beep41 1

Yeah, it’s most likely dead. I had an error while trying to update the system today. So I tried to do an OSU multiple times with no luck. Then I did a factory reset and still got nowhere. At that point the MS support page said the next steps are to schedule a repair, but my console is 5 years out of warranty.

[deleted] 2

Probably not.