Is Dolby Atmos better/equal to Windows Sonic?

by jds__ch. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    17    14

Hello everyone, I have recently learned of Dolby Atmos being available on XBox One but many of the reviews on the store page are negative, however most reviews are from months ago. Due to this, I was hoping some people who have used Atmos recently could let me know if it's worth using over Windows Sonic or if Windows Sonic is equal/better. Sorry if this has already been answered but I couldn't find anything less than a year old! Thanks!



In my experience, Atmos runs very poorly on Xbox One. It disables itself several times a week and the only way to get it to work again is a hard reset. My advice is don’t bother.

Edit: lol at getting downvoted for describing my experience of using the product OP is asking about.

thatsadamnlie 1

Hold off for DTS X, been doing the trial for a week so far and reckon it's a bit better than both windows sonic and atmos.

mikel81 1

Sonic is free and Atmos has a free trial. Try them both. I think sonic sounds tinny. Atmos always disables itself and needs to be set up again, I can immediately tell when it switches.

monocortical 1

Wouldn’t he need an atmos capable stereo?

mikel81 1

Or any stereo headset.

arhra 1

It has a 30 day free trial. Try it out and compare it for yourself.

wyng369 1

Its much better for me on my sennheiser game ones

platinums 2

I’m a fan of atmos. I’ll recommend it every time. Most people give it a low rating because sometimes the Xbox switches back to sonic randomly but to fix it you just reload the Dolby app and you’re good. Haven’t had it happen in weeks though so. However when the Xbox switches back to sonic there is a noticeable decline in quality compared to atmos

cowonaut 2

Exactly! The issues have been fixed in a way that it doesn't seem to revert back to Sonic or at least not very often (happened to me twice a couple of weeks ago). Also as a fix I didn't have to do much anymore, just open audio settings and choose Dolby Atmos, or open the Atmos app and activate from there. On the One X, that is, with latest update, not in insider program.
Totally worth it imo, loving the sound in games and Netflix (issues there are gone now, too).

BurnItFromOrbit 6

If the game has atmos supports, then it’s better.

Games that don’t have a atmos support is pretty much on a game by game basis which is better or if there about the same. Obviously this is from my experience.

DieHardCubFN 4

Better, sonic sounds hollow. The DTS X App came out, it's a little better than Atmos.

Escodl 10

Go to youtube and type in "Dolby Atmos sound demo"... put on headphones and see if you like it.. it will give you a good idea as to what it will sound like... also, the negative reviews are mainly about the Dolby Atmos turning off and you have to keep going to the audio and turn it back on... I think they fixed this because I haven't had any problems with it turning off

Simmons_the_Red 1

It looks like its fixed, I had this problem a month ago as I had to keep starting the app for it to work. Now its just manually set for atmos.