Is Doom Eternal working now?

by SemSevFor. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    0    7

There was the whole controversy with Denuvo and everything so I held off buying it. Then they announced that they would remove Denuvo and I haven't heard anything since and I can't seem to find any information about it.

Does the game work now without malwaring your system? Should I pick it up on summer sale?

Is the controversy concluded?



Yes, but its still kinda bad.


How so? What's bad? Performance?

Chokinghazard5014 2

The game works fantastic and it’s well worth it.

DukeofIbanez 5

It's always worked.

It wasn't the Denuvo people were crying about it was the Anti-Cheat. They removed the Anti-Cheat.

If you spent 3 seconds to look on the steam page you would see it uses Denuvo.


Ok, well I assumed it was a Denuvo thing cause that is usually a source of controversy in games.

I don't fully understand the situation, I just saw everyone in an uproar about some part of it being malware and severely inhibiting performance and decided to wait.

My question is more about the fallout of what happened with that situation because I haven't seen anyone talking about it since. It's like it just disappeared and there's no updates about it.

DakotaThrice 3

It was a Denuvo thing as both the anti-tamper and the anti-cheat were Denuvo products. The anti-cheat has been removed for now but will be reimplemented in the future when the multiplayer game modes are available.

GainghisKhan 1

The way you worded it is confusing, so:

>As we examine any future of anti-cheat in DOOM Eternal, at a minimum we must consider giving campaign-only players the ability to play without anti-cheat software installed, as well as ensure the overall timing of any anti-cheat integration better aligns with player expectations around clear initiatives – like ranked or competitive play – where demand for anti-cheat is far greater.