Is halo 5 that bad?

by ActualWolverine. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    0    25

I got my first xbox (one x) a few months ago and I'm going through all the games I missed with gamepass. So far, I completed halo ce and am currently playing through halo 2. I hear often that halo 5 was bad, but was it really that bad? The gameplay looks pretty fun. Is it worth playing?



If you get to Halo 4 and make it through then I think you'll like 5. Halo 4's campaign is absolutely nonsensical. In comparison 5 is a breath of fresh air and imo the gameplay feels better.

xninjagrrl 1

Come on Halo 4 made perfect sense if you read every book/comic etc in the Halo universe...

MeridianBay 1

I hadn’t read any of the “relevant” 343i era books and it made sense

MeridianBay 1

4s campaign is incredibly easy to follow


Glad you thought so. I've played it 3 times and every time it's just a mess of absolute nonsense I couldn't care less about. Something I wouldn't say about any other Halo game.

MeridianBay 2

Sounds like you want it to be nonsense more than anything else, the game goes to great lengths to hold your hand


Campaign short and not well thought out. Going into it this late probably won't affect you much and you can probably bang it out in an afternoon

raytmn 1

I had fun with it. Not as good as the older halo games but its still a fun game.


It was enjoyable, just not as good as previous Halo games

MeridianBay 1

No, the Halo community is prone to hyperbole and overreaction.

InfiniteTrigger 1

It's definitely worth playing, might be my favorite in the series.

The GAMEPLAY is a ton of fun and does very interesting stuff. It's the first Halo game to really make you feel like a powered up super soldier. It's also really pretty. Great game. Very fun.

welshdragon888 1

Even though its regarded as one of, if not the worse halo in terms of campaign. Its still worth playing and significantly better than the vast majority of FPS games out there.

A bad Halo, is still a good game, just not as good as some fans would have liked.

Ghoppe2 1

Campaign was not great as a halo game (some forced coop mechanics) and the story was a bit lackluster

But the gameplay, graphics and sound are awesome. Multiplayer was also great. Some people you just can’t please.

wookiebath 1

The multiplayer is one of the best out there

Vayne_Solidor 1

No, just the campaign was garbage. The actual gameplay and multiplayer was fun

antiAntag0nist 1

The gameplay & MP is fun, but the story was so disappointing.

Jackamalio626 1

Gameplay was pretty cool, I actually enjoyed the spartan abilites (minus sprint and the charge move). But the campaign was a disaster and the whole PVE component kind of fell apart.

MrGreenBeanz 1

Game was great. I had tons of fun with it. Story is the weakest of them all, but the multiplayer was fantastic.

Litz1 2

I play Halo for multiplayer and Halo 5 has the best multiplayer right now. Great play list on social that they keep changing and Ranked has such a solid player base almost half a decade after release. Campaign is short and felt like what its over? As usual game play was amazing and MP is pretty amazing.

P3na1ty 6

It plays great. Multiplayer is fun to a degree. Me personally, I didnt like the crazy movements you can do. But I know people that says it's easily there fav multiplayer.

As for the story, its just feels off. Its not what they were advertising when they were announcing it. But still enjoyable to play.

Its on game pass, play it.

FancyKilerWales 5

The gameplay is fine, the multiplayer particularly is fantastic, but the campaign is probably the worst in the series despite me liking my dude Locke.

mcloudnl 4

for me the campaign was fun, but i did not like the new enemies. Give me covenant to fight any day over those stupid forerunners stuff with strange guns.

xninjagrrl 12

Gameplay was fine, story was bad

Thestaub 6

Story wasn’t even “bad”. It was average/good but there was a god awful marketing campaign that misled everyone on what the story was going to be about. I liked the gameplay but some players were and still are upset that they updated the movement to include sprint and clambering.

xninjagrrl 7

Yea the marketing was an absolute lie. I thought the movement was the best part lol. Can't please everyone I guess.