Is it normal to have a player that are quitting and getting disconnected every game?

by SinkingCarpet. Posted on Oct 17, 2020    1    3

Hello I picked up dota 2 a couple of months ago and I've been playing it casually and I did play rank as soon as I can play it. I just noticed that there's not a single game I can play and finish without anyone quitting or getting disconnected. It reminds me of the old dota where you can't finish without anyone leaving that's why I dropped it and played League. I'm currently Guardian IV with 200hrs of gameplay, I played dota 1 for 7 years and League for 8 years. Oh and I'm currently on SEA. Is this normal? Or just this region? Or is it just in the rank bracket? Does it get better?


420_Scope_It 1

Do you mean that they abandon the game? Or just disconnect and reconnect after a while?

  SinkingCarpet 1

I'm sorry yeah they abandon

420_Scope_It 1

Im not from SEA so I dont know much about the server. Also I would guess that people abandon more on lower ranks.