Is it possible to use my laptops keyboard for in game chatting on Xbox?

by Moist-Toilet-Paper. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    0    5

I play a lot of pso2 on xbox but don’t have a separate keyboard for it and controller typing is really starting to become a pain. Wanting to know if I could somehow use my laptops keyboard as a way to chat before I go out and buy a keyboard. I tried the wireless chatpad but the input is incredibly slow and frustrating to the point where controller typing is somehow easier.


sypherhelyx 1

I don’t think that would work without maybe some type of adapter. But you can log into the Xbox app on your laptop and chat through messages from there. I don’t think it would let you type while in-game though.

eckz17 2

also PSA Phantasy Star Online 2 has full mouse and keyboard support in case you wanted to switch on fully playing it that way

TrippyPanda880 2

Something that you can do is to use the Xbox app on your laptop and then type chat with someone trough that.

  Moist-Toilet-Paper 3

Thanks! This works perfectly.

TrippyPanda880 2

Perfect! :)