Is it worth it ?

by krazyvivi. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    0    2

Is it worth it getting a new Xbox when I have a pc I have a one s but only use it a couple times to play with friends since those games aren’t cross play on pc. I don’t know if I should just stay with the Xbox I have now or upgrade to a series x or s or a ps5 since I’ve also been wanting to play a lot of exclusives too


PandorasTmrw 1

If you have a comparable pc that can run most new games at decent settings then there is no immediate reason to get a series console unless you want your previous gen Xbox games to run better on the console. If you’re concerned about exclusives you may not get on the Xbox Ecosystem then you may want to look at a PS5 in the future when said exclusives start releasing.

uberhappyfuntime 1

If you have a gaming PC and want a console, I'd go switch or PS5. You can already play the xbox games on the pc, and hopefully they'll be mostly cross play next gen. You can always wait a while and see what you're most interested in