Is Steam worthless to me now? (Payment issue)

by Frank_Cap. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    1    5

So, I got a new laptop after years of being gone from steam. I live in Argentina and used to pay in dollars. I came back to see that the store now offered prices in my (worthless) currency. However, wehn trying to buy, I got a message saying that my bank or whatever, is blocking payment.

Upon searching, I found out this is an issue here in Argentina: you CANNOT pay, you cannot buy. I tried changing the stores but steam forces you to keep the store it Geo-Locates, so I'm stuck in the Argentina store.

Is there any way to change the store? Maybe make a new account? Or am I doomed to never be able to use steam again?


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Why exactly is your bank blocking the payment? Can't you call them and ask to stop?

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I use to live in Australia and moved to NA Payment is still Australian and after changing my store region to NA realized I couldn’t pay. So after waiting the 3 months I changed back to Australia and use a VPN. No problems now.
I found using a VPN solved a lot of problems.

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Tu tarjeta está habilitada para compras internacionales? Yo no tengo problema en comprar con la mía, pero mi novia no puede con la suya, por ejemplo. De última fijate de hacerte una Ualá o una tarjeta de mercadopago que creo que funcionan. Capaz en r/Argaming te pueden orientar mejor.

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Yo soy de usar consolas, puedo comprar en PlayStation store, pero los precios se muestran en dolares. Pero bueno, me fijo.