Is the cordinator down in EU?

by Mrbunnypaw. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    71    46

Im unable to search for game and have restarted


Green-Guess4912 1

Game has been shit since 2013 so you should be thankful

bububuCZ 1

As usual

water1111 1

Steam is overall down

ddiesonne 1

It's more than one hour already since it's not working.




ugijugi 1

restarting steam may help for those still having the can't que msg.

I_stand_in_fire 1


ArtOfMeepo 1

Always check this before reddit

ele__8 1

SEA can't queue for matchmaking.

rouzzzzz 1

NA here, can’t login to steam

lp-kong 1

Had the same for like 15 min. Can queue again right now.

Takingcare757 1

Back up for me in EU. 1314 uhr

deejmarco 1

also SEA

Wilde999 1

it a valve servers problem i couldnt access to my inventory on steam profile

saikaung91 1

Same in SEA as well

aRAMeoXx5 1
akorenz1108 1

Same here in SEA

ffoDDoff 1

It's mindblowing how a business like Valve can't get their servers to work properly. We get this shit every day since the battlepass was released. Stop throwing your money at their battlepasses. Demand a better game.

yymirr 1

my sweet summer child

WoLfkz 1

tagabenta1 1

cannot queue matchmaking at this time.anyone ?

Edited: SEA

Nyan_Catz 1


iamtehfong 1

Seems to be cooked in AU as well

goldenpummel 1

SEA down too

sfy5 1

i guess steam is down cant open steam

Horsifier 2

ofc it is, small indie company

saltycreamy69 2

all servers down

Robemeister 2

I've sold 2x immortals on the market and i've yet to recieve anything. yet the listings are empty.

E:they've reappeared as sold..i refreshed and they reappeared as not sold..

E2: Now opening Dota says i've bought 2/2 bundles.. yet i'm still level 12 with no bundles in my inventory because i haven't even bought any.


bz1234 3

Give it time. Valve is finishing counting up their $50+ millions of dollars that they got from BP. It will be up shortly.

DzejBee 3
drspear42 3

US EAST I cannot queue for matchmaking at this time. Also shows all my friends and I as offline. Connected to game coordinator, logging in for 15 minutes+ now as well

shyich03 1

same shit here

DontDoubtThatVibe 3

Also doesnt work in AUS

Tried queuing for SEA and it didnt work either

  Mrbunnypaw 2

Weird, i was able to buy battle pass levels though

rogue_phantom22 1

Gaben making sure that your shopping experience is unhindered even if your games take a hit

MayweatherSr 1

we finally discovered gaben's priority

ElDuderino- 3


-Aporia 1


jevlaapa 6

Yeah - "Cannot queue for matchmaking at this time".

cateringforenemyteam 6

yeah usual Sunday downtime in case you wanted to spend your wagers after week of working

Tom_the_Pirat3 6

'Cannot queue for matchmaking at this time.'


Keftkille 6

even in SEA

TragedyOfAClown 11

I can't even log in into steam

borhen48 1


sfy5 2


AdorableHandle 29

Same shit, different day.

MasterfulBaiter420 6

Bigger exclusive for EU servers than Russians.