Is the Xbox Elite Controller worth the high price?

by MightyChungus. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    0    11

Hello everyone. I've been looking into getting a new controller as of late, and I'm interested in the Elite controller. However, it's quite expensive at $180, so I'm hesitant to buy it on a whim, which is why I'm here to ask a couple questions.

How does the controller feel? I know that's a somewhat strange question, but I've heard some conflicting opinions on it. I'm fine with the normal controllers, but I've heard that the elite variant feels superior and vice versa.

How well does the built in battery pack work? This is probably my biggest concern, as I bought the play and charge kit a while ago and it broke in about 6-7 weeks.

Overall, do you think the Elite controller is worth it? What problems have you had with it? Is it worth the money despite said problems.

Any input is greatly appreciated. Have a great day :)


JoshuaBadillo97 1

I prefer the razor wolverine controllers

Umadatjcal 1

Nope but depending on how much you play or how aggressive you are will determine the longevity of it. Series 1 I went through 5 controllers (warranty thank god). Second round with a white Series 1, I've replaced the bumper assembly twice because MS store only had a 45 day warranty on defects and im not sending in my controller to MS for a price to fix it. Best to wait for XSX controller

rdub916 1

It feels good HOWEVER, if you use it a lot the rubber grips on the underside will come off... and there’s no replacement for them. I’d get the series 2 that came out this past winter.

Spartyjason 1

I bought a series 1 and just got a series a few months ago. U don't regret any of it. But I did get the warranty to he safe.

Batmans_other_butler 1

Mines worked perfect since launch, the battery last last days, I play most nights for a few hours and for a bit on weekends and charge it maybe once a week or once every week and a bit.

Imo it’s worth it, I can’t go back to a normal controller now they just feel toylike if that makes sense? Get the extended warranty if you can as some people have had issues.

Forex-box 2


swisherpack 2

The only useful thing on my elite controller are the paddles on the back. You can find a lot of other controllers that are cheaper that still have the paddles. Check out Scuf controllers

Forex-box 2

Upvote just because I like the name

revengexgamer 2

Only if you buy the warranty.

Bandin03 2

Or buy it from Costco.

Get_Back_To_Work_Now 3

A Corvette ZR1 is as fast as a Ferrari and 1/3 the price. Is a Ferrari worth it?

Some say Yes, others say No. It all depends on your priorities.

I've never owned an Elite controller but I've used them and I can honestly say it was the best controller I've ever held. And the adjustable triggers are amazing. But I would never spend as much money on a controller as a console.