Is there a review outlet specifically geared towards achievements?

by 19ROYGBIV. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    3    3

I’m an achievement slut just like the next xbox player. I was wondering if there’s any review outlet that gears their reviews more towards how fun or challenging it is to try to get all the achievements for the game. Similarly to The Completionist but also more xbox based?


Batmans_other_butler 2

“Achievement slut”

Yeah you want this 10g you whore! Haha

True Achievements and Xbox Achievements are pretty good sites for achievement hunters, I can usually find an overview of ones that are missable and how long it takes to get all. Not sure if they have many reviews as I don’t use them for that but I know TA does do some site reviews and has user reviews, also forums for the game I think.


oh i use TA religiously haha. i was hoping for a youtube channel or something but honestly if nothing’s out there i can live with using my eyes to read

fendihips 3

Maka91productions is a great YouTuber for this