Is there a way to "add" a game to your library, or "flag" games as beaten, even if you don't own them?

by BehindACorpFireWall. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    2    2

Like most of you, Steam is my main PC gaming gateway. I'm glad to see EA coming back... I sort my library in a few ways. One of the ways is I catagorize titles that I have beaten. Now with these EA games available on steam again, I wanted to add them to this organization. I beat them on Origin, but I don't own them on steam.

Is there any way to "add" a library entry for a title you don't own on steam? Somehow flag it as beaten? I'm not sure what happens when I try to add a non steam game, if a library entry is permanently made, or is it just on the local system. Any insight appreciated!

If something like this doesn't exist, it would be cool for a use to be able to flag a game as beaten in the steam store. And then in their library an entry would show up with a special symbol notating that you don't own the game on the steam platform, but it is in your library because you own or on some other service.


Gabito264 3

You can add a non steam game and then categorize it. I think it works with minecraft, but not with origin games or epic

Alien-Veilan 2

it totally works with origin! all you have to do is add origin.exe as a non-steam game, then all games on it will have steam overlay.. you'll have to turn off origin in-game overlay tho, cause it doesn't like the steam one very much