Is there a way to stream my Xbox to my PC/Laptop without turning the Xbox on?

by ProblematicPsycho. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    0    4

I want to stream my Xbox to my PC/Laptop, but I need to turn on my Xbox before streaming. When I stream via the Xbox streaming app on android, I don't need to turn it on before playing. Is there a way to fix this?



I kinda confused you guys sorry. What I mean is is there a way to stream my xbox to my PC using the xbox console companion application without turning my xbox on first

aRandomWiseGuy 2

Nope, you will need Console Streaming that is currently in development and is only available for Insiders on Android. (Stay tuned to Xbox 20/20 July for more information)

ExeTheHero 2

You're confusing local console streaming on your laptop with xCloud streaming on android. Soon, xCloud will be on Windows 10, but it'll be a similarly small selection like you see currently on android.


Whut? I don't think you understand what "stream" means. There are gamepass games you can play across platforms. You can not, however, stream from your Xbox if it is not on.