Is there any way to access post-game stats from inhouse games?

by n4gol. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    6    7

Just as the title states, my buddies and I, around 30 of us, have been playing around 10 or so custom matches a week and we've started manually logging a few things as well as using a spreadsheet to assign a skill rank to help us better balance teams and give us something to chase.

Part of me feels there has to be a better way to go about building out this data and utilizing more information without all of the manual input.


Argonaut_is_real 1

Apply for a league ticket.

  n4gol 1

We considered this. I wish there were more information out there around what this requires. Very little exists in terms of other's experiences signup up for a league or similar.

The sign up form for the league already seems dated and they start by asking your business entity details, rather an LLC and business fields. Felt like an over-commitment for a 'for fun' endeavor.

If you have any personal experience, or any resources we could peek around the details of it (since my google powers seemed to have failed me) I'm sure we'd be all ears.

Argonaut_is_real 1

Its not that much work honestly, you can change the business details later so you can just fill it up randomly.
You just need to properly fill up the form after that and you don't even need a website or stream link, you can just drop your discord invite link in the website requirement. It takes a few days for it to get confirmed tho, 15 days max iirc.

  n4gol 1

Interesting. I really appreciate your reply on this. It may be the way to go. We just hit a breakthrough this morning in parsing out replays. I suppose the question becomes ... do we refine and make this possibly available for other small inhouse groups to use possibly or do we apply for a league ticket and move forward with opendota API ... tough questions, ha.

janjihantu2 1

Maybe with replay parsing?

sickomoder 1

Does opendota track private games?

  n4gol 1

Negative, at least not that I can tell on the surface.