Is this a game or just a constant training?

by casualravi. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    3    2


We must try hard to win


Hello everyone. I usually have a party of 3 when we play and we play super casual, not following any particular rules, mostly we play to have fun, relax after work, socialise. What baffles us is how hard people try to win.


I remember back then when I first started playing Dota, I too was like that. Nothing else matters, except the win, the MMR. When I search for a game, I got all anxious. Nervous. The entire game I would be highly focus, doing everything to win. Buy wards, sentries, healing items, whatever it takes. Played as if it was a knockout game. Tactical. Discipline. I had a friend and we both were like this. Then rank game was introduced. It became the obsession of everyone I know. It was all about that MMR. Climbing the ladder. Progressing to 3k, 4k, 5k. Reading patch notes, reading guides, watching analysis. It felt like a job really.


Then one day, my friend changed my attitude. He realised that we are all too stressed out about this 'game', it felt like a chore. People play this game trying so hard to win, because that win is all that matters. People play all kinds of strategy, tactics, every game felt like a training session for something greater, some kinda finals. But most of us here are just casual players, we aren't going to turn pro by buying what Sumail buys, playing how Arteezy plays. Most of us are, at the end of the day, not a pro player. But so many players get so obsessed with winning, they lose their cool, get so stressed out and shouting and yelling at everyone else. They want to win, at all cost. Play the easiest hero, use the most annoying tactics and playstyle, anything just for that win, and when they are losing the plot they lose their cool too. And at the end of a game they end up more frustrated, angry. What has this game become? Is this still a game, or has this turned into a chore? Or some form of training for professional games?


I respect that you want to be good at this game, you want to... be good at something maybe. I understand. Please, go ahead then. Climb the MMR ladder and play with the best. My friends and I however, we like to play casual. We play unranked, or even if we do play rank, we play at the lowest MMR bracket just to chill and have a good time (seldom do that, 95% we play are unranked). We just like to have a good time, socialise, and chill. Our MMR are in the sub 500. So if you are also a like-minded casual player just here for a good time, playing casually but not actively throwing the game to lose (we try to win too, just not trying too hard, we are NOT here to actively try to lose, we just hope to achieve that win in a fun and chill way and if it fails, next one!), drop me a PM. I hope to gather the like-minded people to enjoy this game, as a game, not a try hard to win training. We play mostly in India server, sometimes in SEA/Europe.


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I honestly love people like you so much, cause I am like you. Whenever I queue up i'm always thinking; "Gosh man I hope I can play a game without my team being a pain in the ***", but lately I've started to kinda just ignore it and mute everyone and play the way I find it fun to play Dota 2, without of course ruining the game for my other teammates.