I've been doing the All Hero Challenge and I can't win a game with Grimstroke. Any tips?

by SuperPlusDeluxe. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    1    10

My usual build is Null Talisman, Arcane Boots, Force Staff, Aether Lens, Octarine Core late game.

I usually level up Stroke of Death first then Ink Blot depending on who I'm leaning with. Revenant I typically level up late game.

For the ability tree I usually try to get as much cast range as possible...

Any tips? Grim is definitely not my favorite hero and I'm looking forward to finally winning a game.


bbigotchu 2

A null? Are you trying to play him mid? He's a support, buy lane sustain, wards etc. The blue boots, force staff and aether are good choices but glimmer, euls and atos are also really good. Octarine is a terrible luxury item for him. Hex is basically his ultimate item goal so he can combo with his ult. A dagon is fun but not very advisable.

He is very good against spirits or basically any hero that likes to runaway. Ink swell is normally your first skill point so you can bully away the other support and fight for the rune. Q is good for securing ranged creeps/harassing the core/pushing the lane if thats something you're wanting to do.

If you have someone with good targeted abilities, like lich, lion, beastmaster, DOOM then that's your combat buddy. You should be looking for opportunities with them.

  SuperPlusDeluxe 1

Awesome - good tips. I usually get the support items as well but I like to get the null talisman as an early item for the extra spell amp and stats. I kind of figured Octarine wasn't the best item for late game so I'll give the scythe a try.

ScaredOfAttention 2

It's literally one of the strongest supports for me. I just don't. Max phantom first than ink swell and only the stroke.

BarrowsKing 2

I seemed to have more success maxing out ink swell and the ghost thing first even though it has a lower win rate.

  SuperPlusDeluxe 1

I like the ink stroke ability mostly because of the range you can get with the Aether Lens and ability tree. Also the slow is nice.

BarrowsKing 1

The problem I had with the stroke is that you can easily miss. Like I said, maxing that seemed to have higher win rate but I had better results leaving it for last personally. The other two can deal massive amounts of damage too.

  SuperPlusDeluxe 2

I'll give that a try. Ink swell is definitely a powerful ability

BirdSetFree 4

Get hex. Use ult, phantom, then at the end hex them.

  SuperPlusDeluxe 2

Didn't even think of getting a scythe. Is that still the only item with hex?

BirdSetFree 1

Yep. Let us know how it goes