I've never received a booster pack?

by noiseuli. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    1    10

I'm level 24, 8 year old account, booster pack eligibility says I have 95 game that i'm eligible for.

Thing is, until today I didn't even know you could randomly drop booster packs, and since I created my account I don't remember ever dropping a single booster. Is there something i'm missing?


s1naa 1

The games you own are probably not that popular. Users don’t craft badges for these games that often and that’s why you receive a booster pack rarely. I’ level 50 with 250 eligible games and I get one booster pack almost every single week.

rouzzzzz 1

I actually made a similar thread a few months ago, and from what I’ve gathered, they’re just rare. 94 games is good enough, but what also matters is your steam level. The higher the steam level, the higher the chances of getting a pack.

I have about 60 games where I’m eligible for a booster pack, and my steam level is 84. My account is 13 years old, and with that I get a booster pack every 4 months or so.

I should mention that your account age doesn’t matter, just the steam level and the eligible games

bowlby4 1

You also have to log in to Steam each week to maintain eligibility.

Steam Trading Cards FAQ

  noiseuli 1

I've been logged in pretty much everyday, all day long

Lorezhno 1

To the site or the client?

bowlby4 2

Client, site or mobile will count. Based on an old post with quotes from Steam support.

Lurus01 1

Just unlucky. 94 games isnt really a whole lot especially if they may not be that popular to craft badges for. Since boosters are only given out when somebody crafts the badge for that game.

Also Steam level plays a role in your drop chances because I think its every 10 levels(at least until level 50) your chance of a booster drop is increased 20%.

  noiseuli 1

So by level 24 I have 40% chance of dropping? And how is that probability calculated, like 40% each week for a drop or everyday?

El_Pollo_Hermano 3

No that is a 40% higher chance than a brand new account (so base level of a booster dropping), the odds are still very very low. Think of it as having 14 lottery tickets instead of 10 when someone creates a badge.

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