Just played barenpark for the first time and loved it!

by christomofro. Posted on Jul 14, 2020    24    13

First time really playing a "city-builder" type of board game with my girlfriend and her siblings and we enjoyed it! I want to keep up this hobby and build up a larger selection of games.

Since we enjoyed the game so much, do you guys have any suggestions as to what games we should add to our library?



Funny you mention it. I literally just sold it together with the expansion. There are better two player games out there and when I do have four people together I'd rather player Quacks. Anyway have fun, it's a nice family game!

ditchbankflowers 1

Kingdomino, Azul, Cartographers, Castles of Burgundy, Sagrada, Ticket to Ride, Quacks of Quedlingburg...just a few fun gateway games. Check out BGG (Board Game Geek) for descriptions and reviews, including video reviews and play throughs. You will discover game mechanisms and themes that you like. Happy gaming!

HDLando 2

Not sure I would call Castles of Burgundy a gateway game, but the other recommendations are very good!

AlwaysRedMeeple 1

Here are some other games where you lay tiles to build something.

Fairly simple: Karuba, Between Two Cities, Carcassonne, Kingdomino

Medium (light): Alhambra, My City

Medium: Castles of Mad King Ludwig, Isle of Cats, Isle of Skye

Brodogmillionaire1 1

I do like Barenpark, but I had two problems with it. The first is that setup is pretty long for such a short, simple game. You have to set up the stacks in order, and because the shape are polyominos that must be sorted, you either must section each shape to its own bag or resort them before every game. It has some decent player interaction as you try to grab the best tiles and keep up the tempo. I like that enough, and the puzzle is also quite good for a small game. Especially once you get the goal cards flowing. It can be an easy filler or a slightly meatier filler depending. The other thing though is that the game doesn't really need to cap out at 2-4. It could have gone up to 5, seeing as a turn is so quick and players can place while the next person is starting their go. It could also have gone down to solo pretty easily. The player interaction all comes in at one source, so it wouldn't be a stretch to semi-randomly remove pieces as the game goes on so that the solo player has to race for the pieces they need. Something like that. Tiny Towns has similarly puzzly gameplay and went from 1 to 6 in the base box. So again, it's a bit frustrating not getting that here. And at the end of the day, I'm not sure Barenpark successfully vouches for itself. There's no outstanding innovation. And I'm not sure it's the best in class. The player interaction isn't enough to make it a raucous good time, and the puzzle isnt quite enough for it to replace other multiplayer solitaire fair. I have so many 2-4p games in my collection that give it a run for its money, like Suburbia, Azul, Santorini, Race for the Galaxy, NMBR9, Sprawlopolis. A very pleasant little game, but only worth it if you love the theme.

direstag 1

Isle of Skye is a good one that has some similarities. More interactive where you buy and sell tiles from each other. Kingdomino is another faster game that also shares some similarities.

My City (by Reiner Knizia) is coming out soon with the Tetris titles that has a campaign to it, each game adds new objectives though it. You might check that out once it is released.

Some unrelated favorite intro-ish games you might also check out would be Clank, Quest for El Dorado, Catan, Lords of Vegas, Stockpiles, Sheriff of Nottingham, Quacks of Quedlinberg, The Crew, Modern Art, Pandemic Iberia or Horrified.

onlywaffle 2

I love Bear Park. It's the only game my youngest will sit through and follow the rules until the end!

Someone already mentioned Kingdomino for a similar experience but I'd also recommend Isle of Skye and tile laying granddaddy Carcassonne

themadridi 6

If you enjoyed the polyomino (filling your board with tetrisy shapes) aspect of the game, then try the better polyomino game (in my opinion) The isle of cats.

You might also enjoy some roll and writes that also use this mechanism, such as Cartographers and Silver and gold.

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I will never not upvote Silver and Gold.

jotcaldw 2

Patchwork is a great 2 player game with similar (but different enough) mechanics.

NTG_Boardgamer 2

It’s a great game, but with the torrent of polynomial games being released, I was worn out quick. Haven’t played it for a bit, but I think Barenpark is still my favourite in this genre.

direstag 2

Same it is my favorite and I haven’t even played the expansion.

sarahjoy31 4

My family loves Barenpark, we also have the expansion. But the other games my family likes to play are:

King of Tokyo - fun dice chucking, king of the hill type game.

6 Nimmt or Take 5 - it’s a simultaneous card game where you are trying to get the least amount of bull heads. It’s fun watching the everyone make hard decisions and try to make other people take cards.

Downforce - is a fun racing game with betting. You are trying to move your race car and others down the track. You want your car to win but there is a betting mechanism that allows you to win without crossing the finish line first if you see that your not winning.

Potion Explosion or Gizmos - both games use marbles. My family loves how tactile these games are. Potion Explosion is like the analog version of the Candy Crush game app. You pull marble off the track to make explosions which you use those exploding marbles to make new potions. Person with the most points from creating potions wins. Gizmos is an engine builder where you pull marbles from the track to build more gizmo machines. Each gizmo built has a special power that you can you make more gizmos. The person who builds the most gizmos wins.