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by Farkas_nm. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    0    13

Can i connect a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to my xbox one s ? If it’s possible can someone tell me how to do it ?



You need an emulator and they're expensive, MnK is a big no for multiplayer games though my man

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Ok , thx

TopcatFCD 2

Not used the xbox for awhile?

CoD:MW wants a word with you.


I don't play cod mate I play siege, still trash as fuck to use an MnK.

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Not when it's supported

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Yeah fair enough bud

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I use my xbox every day , but i don’t realy know how to use keyboard and stuff like that on xbox

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It’s easy. Just plug them in lol. Then run a game that supports it.

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You do know that MNK is supported for plenty of games natively right? You don't even need an emulator.

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Buy BT m&k

Plug in BT dongle to xbox.


Switch everything on and it should be detected. Wont work for all games but those that are supported will be fine

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Scotland. But thats nothing to do with it. You have been able to do this for years. Its jut there was nothing that supported k&m. Dongle in usb slot and off you go.


Check here

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