Kicked of game from lag?

by Uchigatan. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    94    51

Is this server wide or client


toolverine 1

I lost my double down and we were throning. RIP.

sweetgalafrags 1

Server wide

lurk_man 1

same thing happened to me

disappointingdoritos 1

Hope we're not getting an abandon

leave-japan 1

Can't reconnect after being kicked. Ranked abandon now?

peejer_Hoolihan 1

Glad i’m not alone but i was having a wonderful techies match

Fendicano 1

Same here, double down and 500% 250 bps on the line.

gallemore 2


Iseeyoulookin 2

You're not alone.

Takte2001 2

The fuck is going on

hchong 2


Yvese 2

Just a small indie company give them a break.

The_WarDoge 2

also got kicked and can't reconnect

Speedemon282 2

anybody managed to reconnect ?

superfuturepuck 2

Fucking bullshit

Day-Holy33 2

Same here as well.. my team was winning and about to get high ground.. :(

munchypr27 2

Same, got kicked, cannot recconect.

PeiperPeiper 2

same useast

MistahPh0 2

Cannot reconnect

famousxchris 2

Same here. Great game.

petahched 2

Got kicked, cant reconnect

YoLoDrScientist 2


Spodirmam 2

Ii got kicked too wtf

Pippysleftnut 2

Same. GG valve

KeeperOfTheWhite 2

Yep, my main menu is 10 fps too right now...

Leeroy_D 2

Me too. Shit.

Dregon 2

Same, brief black screen when I try to reconnect and then back to menu

no1likesuwenur23 3

Fuck I was winning too

Silhoualice 3

cannot reconnect lol

RossyBo1 3

Same thing happened to me

dysphoricjoy 3

US West here, cant RC

YaboiCman 3


ShinyRaticate 3

Same same same, right in the middle of a fight

StrangeStephen 3

Dont worry all of you dced lmao

venegal 3

same here

wackyseed 3


IceChickens 3

Yep.. Beta game guys from a small indie dev.

Lesser_known_ 4

Myabe server wide, my game just dced all & cant reconnect

Abysmal_poptart 4

Same here as well. Us east

Edit: why is this flagged as fluff?

  Uchigatan 5

Because I was rapidly trying not to get an abandon and made this post in like 3 seconds lol

Abysmal_poptart 1

Nice lol.

doublol 4

I got kicked and I can't reconnect.

bigbeau 4

I just got kicked too

sinbadz 5

I got kicked as well, not sure though.

Mythrys 4

Just happened to me, can't reconnect to my game

TheLegionCommander 7

Same here. My buddies and I were in a game and we all got kicked out at the same time. We’re all trying to reconnect, but it’s not working.


My game just dissapeared from the server

ravfe 8

also kicked cant reconnect, useast

Ronyzu 10

Can't reconnect either... RIP double down

Aljex13 14

Kicked from mine too, can't reconnect.