Looking at the Elite controller. Is it worth the money?

by davidruiz711. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    0    17

I'm on my 5th regular controller right now and I'm looking for another. My buddy has an Elite and he swears by it but is it really worth the money? I'm all for it if the quality is better because I've been through so many normal ones.


  davidruiz711 1

Just bout a series 2 with an extended warranty for 2 years from target. I'm excited and ready to use it! Definitely the most I ever spent on a controller, but I'm excited to use it! Thanks for all the advice!

xDarko6 2

Enjoy! I really love that you can create custom profiles with different stick response curves. I use instant response for close quarters stuff in FPS games, but the delayed curve is really nice for longer range engagements and racing games, in my opinion. This is because the smaller movement registers less so it allows you to have a little more finite controle.

I mostly map the back the back paddles to the same buttons (both bottom paddles A, top right B, and top left LS for sprinting in most games).

My battery has lasted quite a long time, it’s got a premium weight to it. Definitely unpopular opinion, but the rubberized grips actually feel more slippy to me, lol.

Anyways, the trigger stops are pretty sweet too. Usually have the right trigger full stop (where it’s almost like a button rather than a trigger) and left trigger medium for scoping. Racing games though you want full trigger.

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The response curves are the only things that I'm having a hard time understanding. I kept them on default but I play a lot of fps. I ended up using 2 back pads for reloading and sprinting.

I think I saw an option for shift too? Not sure what that is but so far I love it! Quality is definitely better. I'm gonna look up some videos on YouTube for those parts that I'm not really understanding but I really am happy with the purchase.

GymLeaderCam 1

Ive had series 1 and series 2 since day 1. I think they are worth it for sure.

xreadmore 1

Simple answer no, it's not ($220 Canadian! Rediculous) if you don't have the money to drop. More complicated answer is yes, if you are a serious gamer, or if gaming is your main hobby then the elite controller will change how you game forever. I bought one and love it, can't go back to regular controllers now. Get the extended warranty though if you get one.

  davidruiz711 2

Gaming is definitely one of my biggest hobbies so I wouldn't mind spending the money. I've heard a lot of good thing about them and they sound like the quality is night and day compared to the normal ones


If gaming is a big hobby, then I would get one. But, be warned, you will almost certainly need to purchase some sort of extended warranty. I play Apex competitively and have gone through 5 controllers in a year and a half all due to stick drift. It’s maddening.

Unless you get really lucky, there’s a VERY high chance you’ll experience a similar issue. Aside from that, they’re incredible controllers.

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I'm getting the warranty for sure on it. I go through controllers like crazy. Do you know if it will be compatible with the next gen?

Slimshade16 1

Oh absolutely it will be compatible with the series X. No worries there.

joecamnet 1

I will never go back to a regular controller. The Elite is life. The adjustable tension is much needed and the shift feature of the paddles is pretty awesome too. I love my Elite.

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Damn, adjustable tension?? That's crazy. That definitely sounds badass. Which series is yours? The 1st or 2nd?

joecamnet 2

Series 2. The adjustable tension and shift feature are only on the Series 2.

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elite also have some issue some are perfect some had issues right away, I had 3 elite and I think it’s worth it, it’s also tad heavier than regular, not sure if you like that but I think it’s perfect.

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I've never held one but I think if it was heavier it wouldn't bother me. The pads looked interesting, seems like you could make it exactly the way you want it



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What are you doing to these controllers?

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Haha. I don't rage on them I think it's just from using them so much