Looking for a game, please help

by Hentai_conissuer. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    0    4

Hi all, I'm just gonna get straight to the point. I've had this old game stuck in my head for weeks now, nagging at me. I'm just trying to find it but unfortunately can't remember. I can vividly remember the gameplay though. Basically it was a tower defence zombie game. You'd get different people (towers) with different abilities and place them in one of the many spots on the map the game gave you. There was also another way to play the game: as the zombies. You could send in hordes of zombies with specialist zombies to help back them up to try and defeat towers the Devs had setup. I believe it had a multiplayer aspect but I can't remember anything about that outside seeing a few people talk in global chat. If anyone has any information, it'd be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Note: it also had a 3d cartoony style and the first tower of the humans was an axe wielding fire fighter


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Plants vs zombies?

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It's not PVZ. It had a 3D artstyle and one of the humans towers was a firefighter

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Hmm imma check it out