Looking for a single-player offline game!

by SeleniumStorm. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    0    34

Suggestions for a new offline game to start! Bigtime Dota 2 and PUBG fan. Recently finished offline titles: Assassin's Creed: Origins, BlackFlag; TitanFall;Doom Eternal; Splinter Cell Blacklist; Currently playing Witcher 3. Main quest 80% done. Have all the DLCs.. Intend to complete it :)

AVOID:Can't play games like Call of Duty. I feel nauseous when there is too much indoor stuff. Eg: Using Witcher sense for a prolonged time in closed buildings and rooms.

Found out Sekiro Shadows Die Twice is pretty good. Need decent graphics. So maybe games released after 2013.



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Did you ever play Dragon Age? It has a few similarities to the witcher games.

  SeleniumStorm 1

I did not. Witcher 3 is the 1st game I played in the witcher series(Have read the book though). Felt like it had to too many cinematics. Will check out Dragon Age!😊

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Definitely start with DA: origins. Its the first and imo the best. DA2 and DA:Inquisition are shadows story wise with slightly faster/smoother action.

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Tomb Raider reboot series

Metro series

Dead Space 1&2

Bioshock series

Alan wake + quantum break + Control


Thank you! Will try.

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Try out RE2 Remake

Cimatron85 1

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Project Zomboid

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Metro Exodusssas

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DUSK is fantastic so check that out if you can and Blood fresh supply is dirt cheap on steam

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If you liked Splinter Cell you should play the high water mark, Chaos Theory. It hasn't aged so bad. MGS5 Phantom Pain is probably the best stealth action game ever. However, i'm not positive that's actually offline.

GainghisKhan 2

If you like retro style games, Dusk and Amid Evil are some great SP shooters.

Another retro game from that dev, Overkill, is coming out this summer and it has similar gameplay to Doom Eternal but with a combo score system. You might be able to play the demo still.

ro4ers 2

The Mass Effect franchise, if you haven't played them yet. I'd suggest starting with the first one. Even though it's been released in 2007 and doesn't have the hottest graphics, the lore is amazing and you can get the Mass Effect Updated/Improved Textures Mod to smooth over some of the ugly stuff.

The DLC for ME1 is kinda meh, so I'd suggest moving on to ME2 and doing all the DLC there and then to ME3 with all the DLC.

You might be tempted to get ME: Andromeda, but it's different. It is lacking in many departments that the originals excelled in, specifically in the writing and pacing departments. The game worlds are a sludge to get through, as they're mostly the same, just retextured a bit, and the story and characters range from boring to outright cringe-bad.

Blacky-Noir 3

Subnautica is a great single player, offline, experience. And you won't get much indoor stuff.

Fhhk 3

Borderlands 3

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Watch_Dogs 1 and 2

Just Cause 3 and 4

Crysis 3

askjeffsdad 3

If you haven't played Resident Evil 7, I highly HIGHLY recommend it. Probably one of my favorite games of all time. That said, there are quite a few indoor segments, so I'm not sure if that'll be a problem.


Dark Souls 2 is only 10$ right now, if you liked Sekiro.

eskimoexplosion 3

Stardew Valley

  SeleniumStorm 1

I think this would not fit my play style.

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That's what I said too and here I am 200hrs later

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Zelda Breath of the Wind on emulators.

Filipi_7 5

>AVOID:Can't play games like Call of Duty. I feel nauseous when there is too much indoor stuff. Eg: Using Witcher sense for a prolonged time in closed buildings and rooms.

Some people get nauseous from a low field of view, and CODs have it very low in their SP campaigns (Something like 60-70). Witcher 3 also has a low FOV but it can be increased with mods (eg. the developer console). Try doing that and see if it makes it better.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War - a mix between Assassin's Creed and Batman, large open world with lots of stuff to do, has a unique enemy system. Orc captains have various strenghts and weaknesses, and when they complete their own quests (or kill you) they get upgraded with better stats and loot.

Fallout and TES series - open world action RPGs. The story or quests aren't strong (except in New Vegas), but the exploration aspect is very good. Maps are huge with hundreds of dungeons and locations. Fallout 4 has a focus on gathering crafing items and building your own settlements where NPCs live in, at the cost of very barebones quests.

Saints Row series - a fun, over the top GTA clone. The story is neat and humorous, plenty of weapon and enemy types and customisations for your character. SR4 has a focus on superhero powers if you like that sort of thing.

Sleeping Dogs - also a GTA-like game, but this time more serious. You play a gang member in Hong Kong. Instead of gunfights, there are brawls and martial art fights. Great story and quite a bit of side-missions.

Tomb Raider reboot - action adventure game. Similar to Uncharted series on PS. Lots of varied gameplay, exploration, sneaking, combat, and side content.

  SeleniumStorm 2

Oh yeah. Middle Earth. Its the LoTR game right? I had forgotten about this game. Thank you for reminding.

Yeah. The nausea maybe be related to the low FOV. Never thought much about it, I just avoided playing games which make me uncomfortable.

suniis 3

> Oh yeah. Middle Earth. Its the LoTR game right?

Both games (Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War) were really good IMO. Then, there is the Batman Arkham series...it's fantastic and spectacular!

TheBickyMonster 4

Resident Evil 2

Hitman 2


If you like rurn-based strategy you may enjoy the modern XCOM games (Enemy Unknown/Within and War of the Chosen) and the 2 Divinity Original Sin games.

  SeleniumStorm 2

Sekiro vs Divinity Original Sins 2. Which is better? I heard Sekiro is hard but I dont mind it.

Frungy 1

Better? Have you googled them to see what they are?

Which is better, Dark Souls or Animal Crossing?

TheBickyMonster 5

They're very different games. After playing Nioh I have no interest in Sekiro, but if that one interests you Nioh may be worth looking into as well.

DOS 2 is a huge game with many ways of playing. It's worth full-price in my opinion so you'll get your moneys worth if you enjoy turn-based story-rich games.

ljustwannavibe 5

Fallout New Vegas

susysyay 9

I am the developer of Brass Brigade, a single-player only, WW2 cartoon third & first person shooter. It's a cross between Battlefield 1942/Battlefield Heroes and Ravenfield. It currently has a 91% overall positive rating on Steam and is only $7.49 during the Steam sale. I noticed you said you can't play games like CoD due to too much indoor environments causing nausea - Brass Brigade is mostly outdoor combat. It's highly customizable, so you can make it as hectic as you'd like. I would appreciate it if you'd check it out. Hopefully it's to your liking :)


Will do! Thank you for the suggestion!

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I'm fond of Deus Ex and Dishonored.

  SeleniumStorm 2

Deus Ex Mankind Undivided? There is soo many.

ro4ers 7

Start with Human Revolution and then Mankind Divided. If you really dig the story, move on to the original Deus Ex (try to mod the graphics a bit, there are guides online). Don't touch the Invisible War, we like to pretend it doesn't exist.

Also, both Dishonored games are amazing, as are their DLC's. They have a very engrossing world with lots of little backstory tidbits.

Darkseid_One 13
  • Divinity Original Sin 2

  • Prey 2017

  • Nier Automata

  • Hollow Knight

  • Bioshock trilogy

  • RE2 Remake

  • RE7 Biohazzard

  • DMC5

  • Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

  • Dark Souls trilogy

  • Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor/War

  • MGSV

  • Ori and the Blind Forest/Will of the Wisps

  • Blasphemous

  • Dead Cells

  • Firewatch

  • Inside

  • Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice

  • RDR2

  • Disco Elysium

  • Control

  • Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

  • A Plague Tale: Innocence

  • Life is Strange

  • Dying Light

  • Subnautica

  • Alien Isolation

  • Dishonored 1-2

  • Deus Ex Human Revolution/Mankind Divided

  • Dragon Age Origins

  • Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen

  • Fallout New Vegas
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Nailed it.