Looking for games that have a lot of jump scares, please help, thank you!

by chitibang. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    3    18

as the title suggest, im looking for games on steam paid or otherwise, or even free indie games that are heavy on jump scares. Mainly for twitch use as my chat loves to see me scared. thanks in advance!


Reddit5484 1

Arma 3, those crazy bastards jumping out the door and shooting you point blank.

gaboskychuda 1

Dreadout series.

gaynerd27 2

I can't believe noone has suggested the Five Nights at Freddies series yet...

Howrus 2

Dead Space

RabidJoker816 2

You probably already have it but I’d recommend Ultimate Custom Night. It can be extremely hard if you want it to be and filled with so many jump scares that you might actually get used to them.

  chitibang 2

I have not, thank you

RabidJoker816 2

I forgot to mention that it was free, that was why I assumed you had it already.

Vohris 2

Play RE7 it’s godlike

ByeMoonmen 2


guessguesss 2

cry of fear

GreatFeeling 4
  chitibang 2

Is this actually scary or goofy?

ConciousEffort 3


rahoLLC 5

Soma, amnesia, alan wake, outlast, maid of sker

  chitibang 2

Thank you!

timmyboyoyo 3

We Went Back


  chitibang 1

thank you!