Looking for headphones and I’ve bought the wrong thing

by Whee30. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    0    6

I am a casual gamer, mostly borderlands 3 or horizon 4... what I want is headphones that sound decent for all of the audio from the Xbox. I bought a turtle beach headset and all it seems to do is port the chat audio... which I couldn’t care less about since I don’t play multiplayer anymore (fallout 76 was the last online game I played where I noticed the audio quirk).

I basically want headphones (wireless preferred) with decent audio that won’t cripple my bank account. Think around $50 if possible. A wire isn’t a deal breaker, I just prefer wireless. I would use them for video games and Hulu/Netflix when the kids are in bed.



I just ordered the Turtle Beach BattleBuds on Amazon for $30. Has pretty good reviews. They're wired iems.

I'm tired of my ears and scalp hurting. I have a pair of Sennheiser HD650s and AKG 712 Pros, and both hurt after a while. The BattleBuds will be my first iems, so I'm excited to finally play games and watch movies and not be in discomfort. If I like these, I'll look into a better quality pair later, but it's hard to find a set with a mic built in for party chat.

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I just got the xbox branded headset that plugs into the controller. Works great, good sound quality and inexpensive

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I got some BENGOO headphones 2 years ago. They are wired but decent. They won't break the bank either. Looks like they went up a bit. (I paid $27.99 at the time)


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If you have a 3.5mm jack on the controller any wired headphones you like the sound of will work.


I recommend afterglow. They’re wireless, so you won’t get any crackling in the mic. The one I have has like 5+ hours of charge

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