Looking for new headset.

by nottme1. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    5    16

So here I am, finally, after a long time, leaving Turtle Beach behind me. I heard they haven't been as good this gen as they were last gen, I didn't believe anyone. However, I've now gone through four Turtle Beach headsets since the original Xbox One. I'm frustrated and tired of the problems I keep getting, and it is always to same problem. This time, I don't have a warranty, so that leaves me here, headset-less. I tried looking around, but I haven't really found any solid reviews, so that brings me here.

I'm looking to buy a new headset and I'm looking for recommendations. I'll willing to spend a good amount of money, but I refuse to get close to $200. I'm also not looking for anymore of the headsets that are less than $60. I easily spend over 8 hours a day gaming (I know, I know, but I'm currently out of work due to covid). I need something with good sound, a good mic, a a good cable. If the headphones happen to be wireless, I'm fine with that, so long as I don't need to spend money on an adapter or anything. Not sure if it helps, but I'm running a 1 TB Xbox One S that I got brand new Christmas Eve in the Jedi Fallen Order bundle, so the console is pretty new.


I_Jump 1

I have a runmus headset. They include a 1 year warranty and they gave my me a free gaming mouse pad. Iv had no issues with it so far for the price. The only con is the mic is a slip on and off piece that's easy to loose.

GoostonDrenthe 1

Can't go wrong with the Hyper X cloud stringer's

Vole182 1

Are you planning on getting a series x? Because it doesn't come with an optical cable. Which may change your choice. I personally decided to wait for my next headset to see how things change next gen.

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No. I just got my current One S on Christmas Eve as the day before, my original One died.

DerftheSmurf 1

I think Astro a20s run for about 120-150 and they’re great. Wireless come with adapter and have adjustable EQs.

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Thank you.

carson1398 2

I love my steel series Arctic 9x. Made specifically for Xbox and connects wirelessly just like a controller. Audio has been great and you can even connect Bluetooth to the headphones at the same time to listen to music/podcasts/videos while you play.

H3WI 2

Open back Sennheiser Game One. Or Sennheiser GSP 500 is the newer model. Love my Game Ones and cheaper now. Originally game ones were 330$

Charomid 2

If you can somehow wait for a headset, the new one from Audeze is coming out, called Penrose X. It’s basically exactly like their Mobius headset, but without 3d head-tracking. It’s pricey, but anyone with any sound knowledge (no pun intended), will tell you that planar magnetic drivers are unbelievable.

i0nzeu5 2

Rig 800lx

P3na1ty 2

Second this. Best headset ive ever owned.

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Thank you.

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Had no clue about that subreddit. Thanks.

DustyJetson 3

I only fly in battlefield and possibly the new squadrons if it’s any good. I use lucid sound. 5.1 -7.1 surround, good mic and easy controls

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Thank you.