Looking for site / service that gives you listings of all game stores specific games are available on

by bennysredditaccount. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    0    10

What I'm looking for is a service where I would enter a specific game, and then seeing which online game stores the game is available. So if it's available on Steam, GOG and itch.io, I'd like those to show up.


phylum_sinter 1

Why is google not the solution you're looking for?

  bennysredditaccount 2

Because Google generally leaves me to search multiple times to make sure I narrow down which service a game is available on, so I can select depending on my own ranking. It really is quicker to use a service like IsThereAnyDeal to quickly parse where the game is available.

phylum_sinter 1

fair enough, cheers!

Rondokur 2

Pretty sure Google does this.

windowsphoneguy 5
  bennysredditaccount 2

Yah, this is about what I was looking for. Thank you!

windowsphoneguy 1

If you don't like the dated look, you can try new.isthereanydeal.com, though it doesn't have all functions yet.

shohamc1 3

GG.deals is also great!

  bennysredditaccount 1

Thanks for sharing! As u/windowsphoneguy is saying, doesn't seem to be listing itch.io right now, but looks pretty good anyhow so I'll bookmark it.

windowsphoneguy 1

True, I wasn't sure if they list Itch.io