Lord of the rings Journey to middle earth

by kraljtito. Posted on Oct 17, 2020    3    13

Hello fellow players,

I am wondering if the game lord of the ring Journey to middle earth is worth buying. I am thinking about adding it to My collection but i heard it that it is not the most replayable game. So is there anyone who can give me an honest review of the game and the expansions 😊


Gorssky 1

Here's what I can offer.

Playing the game was a fun experience. It took me and the other players, I believe, about 7 - 10 sessions to finish the campaign. There is an app you download as part of the game that helps you keep track of things and also works in tandem with the gameplay. It's super helpful and makes combat a lot easier.

The map is generated through the app and is different every time, I BELIEVE this also applies to the "side-encounters" as well, so there's that aspect going for replayability.

The story itself wouldn't be incredibly replayable given that there are only a few options throughout on how to handle things and I don't think the choices you make veer you too far off the path they've set.

The hardest part about offering this review is that I got the game for $5, so to say, "Yeah it's totally worth it," is really easy for me to do since it was so insanely cheap. Would I get it at full price? No, but that also revolves around my finances at the moment.

Did I enjoy it? Yes, absolutely. It was a fun game to play with some friends and I'm a big fan of LOTR and general fantasy-themed games. Would I play it again? Probably not anytime soon.

  kraljtito 4

Have you tried the expansions also?

I am a LOTR fan in heart, so thats why i am leaning om getting it. One of my all time favourite games is war of the ring. How Long we're the playing sessions?

Gorssky 2

I haven't played the expansion yet, but the minis look epic.

I'd say each session was about 1 - 3 hours, so the gameplay was pretty solid.

  kraljtito 2

Thank you all for the comments, you have persuaded me and I will probably buy the game in the best future. This is an amazing community ❤️

Colnel-slayer 2

I bought it, and I have a solo play going and a play through with my brother and his wife. We have enjoyed it immensely so far. However it does have a lot of mechanics which if you don’t read the how to play manual careful enough (which was my case) the games will get very hard, very fast.

I am a huge LOTR fan as well, and so far I haven’t regretted buying it, it’s been really fun.

Also if you have all the expansions, and they are active in the app it will include map tiles from the expansion and all the other minis as well. Which does help replayability.

Hope it helps!

crnct 6

The game is absolutely brilliant and lots of fun to play.

If you're concerned about replayability (is this even a word?), you should know that in addition to the map being different every time you also have different 'roles' (basically like in video games - tank, support etc) and more characters than supported number of players. So basically you and your group can play several campaigns trying different characters and roles, taking different approach in developing your heroes every time.

Oh, and I don't know what kind of LOTR fan you are but some of my friends got upset because the game has nothing in common with the movies. Some of them still can't make their piece with the fact that Legolas has dark hair in the game lol

theCineMeeple 5

I can't give an in depth review, but I have played a friend's copy a handful of times and it has left a huge impression on me. It has been such a consistently fun and engaging experience and I would absolutely buy it if my friend didn't already have it!

komatius 3

I think it's rather boring, every time I play I'm thinking about how much I'd rather play a proper ttrpg.

wildestnacatl 3

Playing through the three campaigns that exist so far was around 40 games. They are coming out with a fourth DLC campaign too. I haven’t tried replaying any of the campaigns, but there’s certainly plenty of value even playing them once each.

Wizzykin67 6

It’s a fun system for a while. But it’s kind of the same thing over and over without the story really being that interesting. I’m halfway through a campaign with my son, and we haven’t touched it in months because there’s just no drive to.

takabrash 2

I sat down and blasted through the campaign very quickly with a friend last year. By halfway through, we were just going for it out of spite/momentum to say we finished it. Every game feels exactly the same. There are some decent ideas there, but it just wasn't really satisfying overall.

Dice_and_Dragons 5

From the opposite spectrum this may be one of my most played games with around 50 plays. My wife and I love playing the game and have played all three campaigns all the way through and restarted our first game once hence the fifty plays. We love the app and going through the story and exploration so i say it’s definitely worth it.

cahphoenix 7

We've played 2 of the 3 campaigns. We are in the middle of the expansion campaign.

We all think it's a very good game. You don't really get much lore or information out of the game sadly. At least our group didn't.

I think replaying a campaign once with different characters/roles would be fun. However, it does start all feeling a bit 'samey'.

Anyways, my group recommends it and we've sunk about 50-100hrs into it. There should also be another campaign coming fairly soon.