Loss streak

by theBastoni. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    3    6

How the hell do you guys deal with a lose streak, i climbed 400 mmr in less than a weak but now i am losing every single game i play, even unranked or turbo



I would say you probably gained that mmr to quickly maybe a lot of fluke games and now you are against people who are better than you but you didn’t actually get 400 worth of mmr better. Gaining MMR and getting better at the game are not the same thing

Take some time and look at games you won and see if you were actually doing well or your team was. Even better look at the losses and see what you could have done better. Watch some pro matches of heroes you like, find meta heroes.

vitaminar 1

You cant rank up that easily, the system somehow manages to do this loss streak in order to avoid people doing this! Yeah its stupid and I think they should implement a better system, but the thing I figure out was to play unranked or turbo while this hidden system shows up in order to avoid losing mmr that fast.

YoLoDrScientist 1

I've lost 1K mmr in 2 weeks. It hurts. Lol.

macestrogarm 1

You take a pause and come back to the game. When you lose every game you become frustrated and you start to get tilted. You play worse and you become more toxic to other players. Sometimes you just need to give it time. When I am on a losing streak of 3 games I take a break for at least a few hours. It acts like a reset and when I come back to the game I am not colluded by the losses.

Hufuptutu 3

Worse than this is to lose the double downs. You are winning some games, you feel in shape so you are doubling down! Than boom!!!! This transforms your team mates in toxic dogs that will just flame the entire game and die repeatedly.

toronto_programmer 9

I have found the game coordinator to be making awful matches lately.

10K behavior score. High ancient player.

I go on an 8 game win streak and then an 8 game lose streak

9 out of 10 games are stomps in either direction. Very few quality matches occuring