Lost 8 double downs in a row AMA

by patricksquare. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    343    183

Must be some kind of world record



just win lol


How's it feel?




How much did your account cost

  patricksquare 1

I do not understand people like you. Toxic at all cost.

romashka228 1

What is ur mmr now?

  patricksquare 1



Hello, brother.


So... are you basically smurfing now?


Well just last night I won a 700% double down, got almost 5 levels out of it. Sorry about your loss(es).

shekimod 1

Git gud.

DesoLina 1

Ez - 500 pts

cannotbefucked 1

Is that you u/admiralbulldog ?

Vento_of_the_Front 1

Still sane, exile?

muteradiobroadcaster 1

Now you're a smurf

Jaquinite 1

whats your rank now

  patricksquare 1

from rank 1000 to rank 3800

Sunw1sh 1

wish i had your luck

leetz0rR_ 1

Why dont you just win lol?

OnlyFwdNvrBack 1

Do you get one every week?

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EngselPintu 1

Did you consider uninstalling dota?

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PizzaBoyztv 1

Take a shower and you will win triple up

valkuznet 1

show your vs their picks for those 8 games

im_immortalism 1

It was business before, but now it's personal

Fair-Island 1

could ya make my account to 03 digits MMR, my friend

  patricksquare 1

Im not sure what you just asked


You need to learn to recognize when you're in a bad mental space/sliding like that. I often find that I'm much more likely to lose a game if I just got done losing a game. Go play a normal or something, or go do literally anything else. Many high mmr players don't actually play that many ranked games in a day purely cause of the mental stress multiple tryhard games in a row causes. I have a rule that if I lose 2 ranked games in a row I'm done with ranked for the day. It really helps me stay PMA and I know many players from many other competitive games that have similar rules they follow to not get burnt out.

but yeah you said AMA so ummm...
What role do you play, and do you watch your own replays ever?

  patricksquare 1

Carry and I rarely watch my own replays, but watch arteezy replays sometimes or some videos on yt, but 99%. of those videos are useless for me since its meant for lower mmr players. BSJ and Jenkins have some nice tips sometimes tho.

jellyf1ssh 1

Are you my twin because everytime i double down i lose it ama

SL-101 1

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255 get help.

Eulsssss 1

i lost 2 double downs and now im minus 500 mmr because of it, lol

UrNegroidCompatriot 1

man that almost 480 mmr is you played solo

i hope it was party games :x

  patricksquare 1

Actually down 800 right now in about 2 weeks. Even though I havent been triggered and took brakes. Just a bit unlucky and a bit out of shape. Gonna get it back

mmat7 1

Ah yes, the "I'll win the next one to recoup my losses", been there done that

Cocosique 1

I lost 4 doubledowns in a row and just quit ranked. Just playing turbo since then.

BeingRightAmbassador 1

How do you keep from eating the double down immediately? KFC really struck gold with it.

pepeisntfunny 1

I felt this post. Started off at 3k and dropped to sub 2k thanks to losing almost every double down

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Ma boi

AzAzOoO 1

Tell me about it i lost all of my double downs . And close games are more frustrating that the others

desiatcodaniel 1

I currently have 4 straight double down losses. How much mental fortitude do I need to make it to 8?

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If you buy more battle pass levels gaben will bless you for life

kupo322 1

But if they’re won in the pickup phase, and you’re doubling down, then you must be really bad at knowing a good draft?

  patricksquare 1

I can judge the draft, but not the players. All it takes is one triggered guy buybacking and flaming all game to make you lose and sadly thats exactly what happened in like 5-6 of them

kupo322 1

:( feels bad man

tx47e 1

I just wonder how you decide to double down.

Do you double down without looking at the picks.

Don't you use overwulf dota+ ?

RedPanda98 1

Not in a row, but I have lost every double down I've used, and I have ONLY used them in games where the draft makes it look like an UN-LOSE-ABLE game.

Filbert4 1

Can I join your club. I just wanted to win one Cavern Crawl room, not as big of a stake as double down but I went through the 5 stages of grief. Did you?

Appearance_Superb 1

Why would you double down on games that arent automatic wins based on draft or prior player experience. Like you know their mid/hc is trash and its a guaranteed win ect.

ThePurpleArcher 1

Man, today I lost 3 games with one being double down. How tf are you still mentally well enough to be able to continue playing after even 2 double down loses?

  patricksquare 1

When I get triggered, I take brakes until I really feel like I want to play again

thekoven 1

Honestly you're better off losing your double ups. If you're at your appropriate mmr you get 2 wins for each loss that way!

At least that's what I tell myself.

ray98872 1

I'm on 6. I almost feel as much pain as you do. Even before this double down mess I've just slowly gone down horribly. Last season I was Legend 1 and now when I load into games I'm being told I'm Guardian V

supernova_hunter 2

who plays ranked when there's aghanim trials to beat?

swat_teem 2

welcome buddy nothing like losing most of your bets in general. the gambling aspect of the battle pass always ends up making you feel worse gg

stygiandesolation 2

So just double down on games where enemy draft is really shit + your draft is really good, or enemy NP fountain feeding lvl 1 or people calling all chat to end at start of the game. That's my strat

BendADickCumOnBack 1

I'm with ya brother. I've lost every single double down. Obviously I blame myself, but it sucks

  patricksquare 1

Keep it PMA

BendADickCumOnBack 1

Haha ikr, I have to quit ranked for a couple weeks anytime I landslide.

eafdafdafdafdaf 1

i was 2 games from 7k now im like 30 games

  patricksquare 1

Very similar. At least I had 7k thought. It will get better.

balMURRmung 1

What specific heroes you used during this games?

  patricksquare 1

Void or spectre (I have a 70ish percent win rate in last 30 spectre games and void is my most played hero with 60ish percent) in like 4 of those, 1 on offlane necrophos and 3 as a pos5 (even though Im bad at pos5), but my mid was telling he was a smurf and was pretty confident in the game, but still we lost.

Also seeing now my winrates on some carry heroes lately I relize I lose almost every single game I play as pos 5 and I got forced to play it a lot lately. Git gud I guess

Blurryface_097 76

Have you tried doubling up?

CryptographerAXK 14

Big brain time, I lose a bit of mmr to get easier games before using double down tokens

Jesusfucker69420 1

What's it like to own a smurf account without paying anything for it?

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Biden or Trump 2020?

  patricksquare 49

Who cares about USA presidents

ronxpopeil 23

People who don't lose 8 double downs in a row


have you learn your lesson son?

  patricksquare 5

I dont see a lesson. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. It is not like I have used double down on games that seem unwinnable.

And ofc, whats the point of double downs if Im not ever going to try and use them.

ketelagoreng 1

that's the spirit.... going down to herald

M1QN 1

I won 3 doubledowns but after 14 games today im still in the same spot

  patricksquare 2

Id love to be at the same spot instead of all the way down. You dont cherish things until you lose them.


Does that mean your one of those smufers reddit talks so much about?

  patricksquare 9

Theyll never catch me because my profile level is over 100

Cve 1

HA, what a great idea to hide the smuf! Just play enough games to get your elo and profile level to where they naturally should be AND THEN DOUBLE DOWN LOSE ON PURPOSE. You sir, Are a genius.

  patricksquare 3


xorox11 2

How do you have to much double downs? Combine of two weeks or what?

  patricksquare 2

Yeah, in like 15-16 days Ive lost 8 of them

MrLewf 2

I’ve got a 25% win rate for the past 2 weeks with like 30+ games on ranked so I feel ya

  patricksquare 2

Yeah, I have no idea have those fazes happen, but they always do

lbruss95 2

That's uninstall and reassess my life material

  patricksquare 18

Uninstall is for chicken.

SmurreKanin 7

BOCK BOCK BOCK! That is what you sound like.

miranaphoenix 3

It’s not bad. Because eventually you will have better winrate when climb back to your mmr. On contrary the more you earn “free” mmr, then more chances to lose mext games

  patricksquare 4

But I feel like Im wasting a lot of time grinding back and having my mind focused on it

gottaloveya 1

You are wasting your time playing dota anyway. What happens when you reach 8k or 9k ? You are still the same person, only with higher imaginary number. Dreaming that pro team choose you out of all other players is almost 0.

  patricksquare 5

I dont consider that time used doing something you enjoy is wasted time, especially in a hobi like sports and games. I dont think I can ever become pro, but I still love the game and want to get better at it.


Then don't talk about wasting time on grind. Winning and losing is part of game, enjoy both of it no matter how hard it is.

SourisGris 9

-480 MMR rip

  patricksquare 16

I actually look at it double (-960) because it shouldve been +60 instead of -60

SourisGris 1

u win or lose 30 mmr per game, if u lose 8 double this is like u lose 16 games, so you lose 30x16 mmr

19Alexastias 7

That is not how math works lmao, would you consider it +960 if you won them all?

  patricksquare 13

No, I would consider it +0 because I shouldve won them anyway

OrangeBasket 8

Chad mentality

19Alexastias 4

I gotta say, that mentality sounds like a short pathway to a mental institution.

  patricksquare 4

Im just very competitive and want to win every game. I am sure that there are a lot of people like that and I see nothing wrong in it. Not everyone has the same drive

luckytaurus 14

what feels worse, double down on rank and losing, or betting 250 tokens on top of a 200% token and losing? because i lost 2 in a row like that and it feels like i'd rather get waterboarded

  patricksquare 29

I used my tokens on every double down too

BendADickCumOnBack 1

Yea hedging your bets just seems wrong in this kind of scenario

Moes-T 6

F :(

idontevencarewutever 20

Better to lose MMR than anything that's actually tangible in life, eh?

vducky 1

but losing MMR taking away your confidence in life for other tangible things though

  patricksquare 10

Why would it? My dick is big enough

  patricksquare 11


agni39 10

Do you need a hug? I'll send you a virtual hug.

  patricksquare 32

Send mmr assassins into enemy team

doinky_doink 30

What's it like living in a nightmare?

  patricksquare 37

Regular life for me. How is it to live outside of one?

gr1m__reaper 1

Underrated comment

Alice_Is_Third 1

holy shit this answer is genius LMAO

agni39 25

It's 2020, so pretty much the same.

broonobr 37

It’ll feel like you’re boosting your own
account now. What are the most notable differences in your new bracket compared to the previous one?

  patricksquare 40

7k -> 6.2k. Honestly it feels the same. More than half of the games in immortal bracket is won in the pick phase. Matchups are just way too important unless one team has a 8k-9k smurf which is not too rare

Maplestori 2

Is 7k that far off from 8k players skill wise? I like to think that players above 6k are all good as hell, deciding factor is what heroes are picked

  patricksquare 10

8ks are a lot better than 7ks and 7ks from 6ks and so on

jterwin 46

Now it just sounds like ur bad at predicting lmao.

If the games are decided in picks how do wager unless it's a sure thing?

  patricksquare 4

Well it looks like a sure thing, but I got unlucky a lot of times and had a raging teammate (not always same guy ifc) in like 5 of those games that would just give up for no good reason and be toxic whole game. The rest were pretty easy games until my midlaner or offlaner die solo with no bb and we lose.

Im also not trying to say its all my teams fault and that I am a god, but its really what happened in those games

impertud 93

Damn, that must be actually mentally exhausting. Why didn't you stop after the first 2 or 3 losses?

  patricksquare 286

Because I thought there is no way I can lose another


Gamblers fallacy.

LeKurakka 1

You gotta stop playing after two losses in a row :(

impertud 1

I admire that confidence lmao I tend to (tilt) chain queue a lot when I'm on a losing streak but I don't think I'd have the mental fortitude to keep on doubling down like that.

If anything, maybe this is the peak of your worst Dota experience and it's a long winning streak from now on. Good luck getting all that MMR back!

sujan101 2

Exactly this thought made me lose 12 games in a row. And then I never made that mistake again(I uninstalled the game)

WellisCute 4

I lost 5 last week, I was about to win all of them btw, but every game had a game changing moment where someone fed without bb and we insta lost

doinky_doink 31

Gambler's fallacy. been there degen bro

lbruss95 355

I would recommend never walking into a casino

  patricksquare 53

Laughed hard at this, but dota is basicly 50% win rate at all time and casino is meant for you to always lose


Just remember not to lose yourself during the fate of 50%


Eh not really. There's few players like ANA who have a 70% winrate in pubs. There's also plenty of players who have 60%+ winrates. Also I think 10 is going to be the next record because of guilds ;)

Slocknog 1

there is no forced 50%, and you playing while tilted easily lowers your winrate.

dnotel 1

It's 50% all the time if you don't count yourself as a good player and only hope to get carried.

dolphinater 3

Try to save double down for the first game on a fresh day after a losing streak

AlphaDart1337 3

Your win rate will drop below 50 if you are tilted, which you most certainly are after 2 or 3 DDs lost in a row.

ISupposeIamRight 10

Honestly, don't want to sound too judgemental but is pretty easy to know when to double down and end up with 70%+ winrate on them, unless you are extremely unlucky. If you play around 10 games a week, probably one of those you will have an enormous draft advantage, if you bet on them the chance of winning is really high.

If you don't already use, I'd recommend start using some website or app to track picks, I use DotaPicker, there are even some more complex that tells you if there are any suspect smurfs (new accounts with extra high winrate on any team) or whatever.

It's just statistics, but it's way better to double down if the statistics from the game's picks says you have 80% chance of winning.

Velocity_LP 60

Some casino games are designed for you to win just barely less than 50% of the time, so it averages out in the house's favor but still feels like you can win with good luck.