Low Priority is not a punishment if you are allowed to queue for it with 4 friends. Make it Solo Queue only Valve

by PornstarCharmSchool. Posted on Oct 17, 2020    5    19

Otherwise scumbags will never learn their lesson coz they get to cheat their way out.

Tenner bets all the scumbags will downvote now :)

Where you at decent Redditors with your 10K behavior scores?



I got put in low pri cause my team didnt pause for me when I went to take a piss. literally played a dozen solo queue and lost. 4 games with two noob friends of mine (~350 and <100 hours) and I was out. Its punishment enough even with friends, you obviously dont know what youre talking about.

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The fact that you were dependent on 4 friends to get you out of low prio tells me you're not qualified to play. And that you took longer than 5 mins to take a piss also tells me you were wasting people's time. You obviously were guilty as charged.


Make it so you have to queue 40 minutes for a game

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I think that would encourage more smurfing if anything.


Isn't this based on the assumption that raging toxic have 4 friends willing to play LP with them.

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Not an assumption at all. U can see who partied up with each other after the match has ended on the results screen.

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Shut the fuck you don’t even know why and how the score summary is bugged

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classic reddit post right here.


some low t loser advocates for more extreme punitive measures that will have absolutely no net positive effect other than tickling their flimsy ego


Very Valve-esque huh? I'm sure they'll love the suggestion

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what the fuck are you talking about

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Finding 4 people willing to join you on the worst couple of games of their lives is punishment enough trust me.

I saved a bunch of friends from low and to this day I give them salt about it.

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in our friend group we have a toxic guy that always ended in low prio, we used to have fun helping him because the games were so entertaining

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My friend used to get in because their ISP sucked and they used to get disconnected and abandons. Still we called him King of Low.

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Yeah my ISP sucks so I must burn in hell


Stick to single player then.

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I mean, you still ruined someone's game

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Yeah and there is a punishment for that.

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We are horrible people, the instant mmr loss is not enough