matchmaking disabled

by ProfhthsIwshf. Posted on Oct 24, 2020    2    8

my conduct is green no reports all good many commends and i get matchkaing disabled for 2 days

wtf is this?



gimme ur profile link

Lonely_Dude2501 1

Probably meant your Dotabuff

  ProfhthsIwshf 1

well i m sorry i dont use any site,i think you have to share for dotabuff to work if its so i dont do that :/

Lonely_Dude2501 1

I used your steam user id to find it. It is the numbers in the url that you commented earlier

  ProfhthsIwshf 1

so how can dotabuff help?


I got 1 week but I got 10 report for mmr abuse. It feels unfair to be reported for being play the game correctly.


I cant undestand how they can fuck up a game so much,i vegot a lot of them for 2 days while i m just playing the game,the only time that they stopped it was when i disabled chat but thats not playing the game.such idiotic system