Mic not working on Xbox App (constant high frequency being emitted)

by Krownedlive. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    0    3

I am using a Yeti USB mic and Astro headset. As of 2 hours ago when I join or make a party my mic has a constant "in use" ring around it even when I'm not talking and my friends say there is a loud high frequency noise in the back. I've tried everything. It's not the mic gain, and all my audio settings in the Xbox app are set to what I've always had them at. Can anybody help?


shamstars 1

Is your phone charging?

  Krownedlive 1

It was initially and then I unplugged it and the noise persisted.

Willdabeast2413 1

Bad wiring? It might end up being an electrical hum that the wires are emitting, explaining the high frequency and the fact it goes through the mic. If it was dropped or even set down the wrong way you could get this. There isn’t really any surefire way of fixing this, even if you crack it open