Minecraft Builders and Biomes rant

by Its-Chen. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    3    14

I recently purchased this game and I have to say I really enjoyed playing. Unfortunately the quality of the components is very low considering I paid over $60 CAD for it.

The blocks themselves are real wood which is great. Everything else is cheap from the box itself to all the cardboard components. They're like double thick cereal box quality and the player tokens are one sided pictures.

Maybe I'm being unreasonable and expecting too much? I'd like to hear from others that have played this game.


thewhateverchef 1

I got it for $30 at target and was happy with it, but I don't think it's worth much more than that. I didn't think too much about the components before, but they are rather cheap. I've only played one games - my kids have played a couple, so everything is in really good shape but I think the quality, or lack therof, will be really apparent down the road afer it gets some more playtime.

  Its-Chen 1

Ya. Really seems like I overpaid. If I paid closer to that I'd understand

Hougaiidesu 1

Huh. I picked it up at Target for $35 usd

  Its-Chen 1

Ya, things always more expensive up here. The $60+ includes taxes which is 13%

Amish_Rabbi 1

Hmmm, I was debating this for my nephews and I but now I’m not sure. That is pricey

thewhateverchef 1

You can get it at target for $30. My 10 year old said it was better than the video game, but he loves board games. If your nephew likes minecraft, he will probably enjoy it, if only because of the novelty factor, but I enjoyed playing it as an adult as well.

Amish_Rabbi 1

No target in Canada sadly

  Its-Chen 1

Not sure if you're in US or Canada but as I mentioned below that price includes our tax and we pay more for everything

Amish_Rabbi 1

Also Canada

NuffDREW4two 1

Indigo has it for $50, but I picked it up on sale a few months back for almost $40.

Amish_Rabbi 1

yea for $40 I'd be less concerned about the quality

  Its-Chen 1

It's a really fun an easy game. I'm just bitching, please don't let me stop you from buying for your nephew. If he's in to Minecraft he will like it. I deleted my previous reply to you because I replied to the wrong comment

masterpigg 4

I picked it up for around $30 a while back and honestly do think it was worth that. However, that is not due to the components, which are as you describe: great wood pieces, crummy cardstock for everything else. However, the gameplay is really well done and I think that alone makes it worth the price of entry for me (though I did only pay 2/3 of what you did). Unlike many IP-to-boardgame translations, it feels like they really captured the essence of the videogame. And the mechanics are easy enough that my 5-year-old who loves Minecraft was able to pick them up, while being just crunchy enough that one could mistake this for a gateway to euro games.

ErikTwice 6

This is sadly common in mass-market games. No, you are not wrong to expect better components. It's not unreasonable and much less at that price. The average hobby game has much, much better components.

Reminds me of the newest edition of Roborally :(