Multiple Blademail Passives stack

by magicalmagikarp1234. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    38    13

I repeat , MULTIPLE BLADEMAIL PASSIVES STACK abuse this information before they fix it



Time to play offlane centaur!


Better play axe instead

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Looks like it just got patched

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Delete this.recommend strongly

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downvote to apply shadow amulet for this post, dont let ice frog remove it

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Downvoted for invisibility.

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delete this

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Also the actives stack, which is FAR more broken


wait does that mean we could already stack them before the patch and no one realized?


I have no idea. I hope that we as a community would have discovered that so I hope not.

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So I can pop 6 blademails then call on axe and get a guaranteed kill?

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