Must haves from the summer sale

by -yekuza. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    5    18

I’m building my pc in September and I’m looking for game recommendations even better if they are part of the summer sale.

Thanks people



Witcher 3 it's dirt cheap right now

twatiliciousx 1

Payday 2 definitely

Caty-guy 1

Payday 2, 1 dollar and it is vr compatible

davey1800 1

Deus Ex is 69p.

Bennyester 3

Ah... you see even what a "must have" is differs for everyone and I have no clue what kinda games you like but I'll recommend a few different ones to find a starting point for you.

  • Nier: Automata if you're looking for feelz

  • Apex Legends not on steam but free if you're looking to try the BR genre

  • Pummel Party Marioparty but with violence in form of guns as items and bloodsplatters

  • Borderlands series Fun shooters with unrealistic weapons that have crazy effects

  • Dark souls do it for the memes


Bennyester 1

\> even better if it's on sale

not a requirement.

Crez911 2

I was looking forward to buy Nier but it's not on sale sadly

  -yekuza 3

To be fair I’ve played 3 of those mentioned above so you did pretty well to start

I got the handsome collection free from another launcher that will not be named.... I’m not sure if bl3 is worth the buy again

I haven’t touched apex in a while but I’m more than willing to play it again

Dark souls I finished 1 and 2 but never bothered with 3

Bennyester 1

Imo dark souls 3 is well worth it. It's a lot faster paced with smoother movement.

Idk about borderlands 3 either but it got it's third story dlc yesterday.

Apex, if you haven't played in a while, changed a lot so checking out what's new is also a good idea imo

  -yekuza 2

I’m down for dark souls 3 and with borderlands I’ve got the season pass already so I might just play the remaining dlcs and leave it at that

MelinaNepgear 3

Just a heads up, Apex Legends releases on Steam soon, storepage is up already!

  -yekuza 2

Mount and blade seems like it could be a ton of fun

IATAthetwist 5

You must have Terraria. It's so good.

  -yekuza 1

I’ve played it before on console, is it worth another buy?

Anyau 2

Mod support so yes

  -yekuza 1

Good to know It’s definitely on my list

Kohana55 2

Not sure why you have been down voted but here, have an upvote !

aunicornpotato7 3

Valve Complete Pack (In my opinion it's a must if you own a PC. You get a lot of awesome games such as L4D 2 and Portal and Half-life series.Portal is very fun to play with your friends)

Bioshock Collection(One of my favorite shooters)

Hollow Knight(An Insanely good Metroidvania)

Terraria(Also very fun with friends & a lot of replayability)

Life is Strange & Walking Dead series (choice-based adventure game)

Mount & Blade Bannerlord(If you want to try building your empire and making an army.A very good sandbox medieval game

Payday 2(Insannlly cheap and a blast to play with friends)

Tomb Raider

Divinity:Original Sin 2 (My favorite turn-based RPG.Very rich story and lore and a huge campaign)

Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim (MODS)

Alien Isolation (Horror game at It's Finest)

The Long Dark (A very relaxing survival game)

Doom 2016(Fast-Paced Shooter)

Stardew Valley(Chill life and farming sim)

Nier Automata (Was waiting for months to buy it on sale.But sadly not on sale so bought it anyway :3 )